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  1. From the absolute view witch is always there is no free will. So i curious about something.

    Does this mean that what happens in this life is in a way predetermined

    I mean if someone steel's something from me this is what should be. Because that's the reality?

    Do we have any power over manifestation ? Me, the me who is an illusion.

    For example in the last years "i changed" i'm no longer depressed, it feels like "I" made the changes and fight my demons.


    The ideea that i'm trying to bring here is if this life, dream, illusion etc. Is something that the best way to get it is to let it be. Because you have no power, individual power? Let go and let god ? True Power is no power. 

    Or we have little power, i mean some power as an individual. Not that it seems that we have power as individuals. And we can make or brake this life ?


  2. @Leo Gura

    I think if you take it easy like you did with Non-dual videos people will get on. But depends how you see and interpret this mystical thing's. ( I think )


    @mandyjw @Leo Gura

    You have a great explanation!

    One time i did sit in room and talked with myself in a way and asked myself deep questions. The ideea is that i was receiving good solid truthful answers. I did not interpret this as an alien or some kind of Angel i just looked at that experience as a higher state of councesness where my perception was open.

    If i where to be religious I should interpret this as some kind of Angle ?

    I did not see any Smurfs or their planet. But the ideea is that i see that people talk about Smurfs and planets . ETC [Smurfs jk.]

    They identify with some kind of story and this changes what you see ?

    Reality is an infinite imagination . God infinite beeing, forever. So any story from this point of view is valid. I'm i fooling myself ?

    Everything is done with and by love. So if this is true what do people meen when they say that other life forms exists? Not just communication. Other life forms that for example share that same illusion of this  physical reality. 

  3. 2 hours ago, outlandish said:

    Maybe because they were aliens!

    JK I'm trolling.

    I can only really answer for the Buddha, or at least our modern day conception of him. To the Buddha things like gods, supernatural beings etc were not relevant. He didn't specifically preach on their existence or non-existence. His concern was really with the human condition and what we can do about it. Aliens would fall under that same category.

    Buhhda was a smart dude then.

    Atm i think that's just people imagination at work. At deep work. I do not know for sure.

    2 hours ago, SoonHei said:

    @ActualizedDavid the question can be about anything... you say aliens...

    but what about mathematics? or physics or space exploration, or amazon rain forest, or basketball?


    guess aliens as well as many other things may not have been relevant to what they were preaching.


    also... there's truly no WHY for anything.

    any answer to a WHY?-question can itself be questioned as WHY :) and so on.

    To be or not to be. There is no question ?? ?

    @Angelite  that's beliefs

    1 hour ago, Bill W said:

    I don't think science fiction had been invented yet, at least not for Buddha and Jesus. 


    1 hour ago, mandyjw said:

    In Christianity angels=aliens. The Gospel of Judas is a really interesting read, I'd say if you believe it's Jesus authentic words, then it definitely addresses the subject of aliens. 

    Did you experience something directly ? I mean so you can confirm it for yourself.