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  1. This is something that is not talked alot here.

    I have a tendency to study for thing's like what i put in the title.

    If everything in my perception is just that,perception.

    Why do we need to ignore stuff like gods,deity ..etc

    For example i noticed that i need to develop my life style, the identity or i will go and live in a cave(nothing wrong with that)

    But are this things more "esoteric" something that you can work with or at least see if they are real? ( Real in a sense, like other people real)

    ? Bless you

  2. Is so interesting, 

    And how alll this Astral projects, out of the body explain ?

    Just councesness changing the point of experience ?


    Is the brain just imaginary?

    How is the brain included in all of this ?

    If i ask questions about the brain this means that i'm still in the materialistic paradigm, but is not the brain that creates our sens of self ?

    What is energy and how people use reiki ?

  3. @ajasatya  that's seems fair.

    @cetus56 I mean people that know this and they are in Christianity ot Islam or, some religion.

    And preach normal dogma.


    @mandyjw yes, that's what i mean.

    @Nahm  You make me look inside Everytime i ask a stupid question. ??

    @Serotoninluv ?snap

    @Eu Sint I just thought that people in major religious should know this...

    @zeroISinfinity  :))

    @Meta-Man i mean about just the fact, ?

  4. Wow...

    I'm a really selfish man..

    Not something in particular but in little things.

    This is not something to pun myself down but is true.

    I'm driving and i had this "not so good for me" realization...

    Love yourself exactly how you are, but the development of the ego is necessary.

    We live in a society(even tho is made up) , we have rule's (even tho we invented them) , we are a big family , we need to care for each other. 

    This hurts me, but is true... really

  5. 55 minutes ago, Nahm said:

    @Schahin “Separate entities” can be broken down to thought, perception, and sensation. The “ego” hates hearing this. Why?

    From my direct experience i can one up this comment.

    This thing's that people call demons from my observations are just developet thoughts that become reality by believing that are more then thoughts and creations of the mind.

  6. 13 hours ago, Nahm said:

    Nothing can withstand an hour of meditation every morning.

    Your deconstruction work, collapsing dualities, taking a look within, dream boarding life, etc, is well under way. I’d make it a point to say, believe, and know, that I am awesome, that everything good in me is God, self loving and worthy of giving & receiving love. I’d watch Leo’s video on not giving a fuck what people think, and I’d have some kind of burial / burning ceremony. Maybe write down all concerns about what people think of you, wish them well, vow to do your absolute best never to judge yourself or anyone else, burn it, and bury it. (Literally)

    Checkpoints of meditation would be actual awareness, and no mind. I’d be checking for refining technique along the way. Carry it into the day, longer and longer. Develop the ability to entirely drop the mind / thinking anytime, into no mind state. Conscious stomach breathing 24/7.

    I’d take a 1g dose of shrooms and contemplate this isness, that is right here right now, but effortlessly, not pushy-thinking / ‘figuring out’. Allow / receive the realizations. Ask God to wash over you with divine love and understanding, out loud, sternly but not demandingly. Set the intention with every cell in your body. Feel the realness of the desire for realization, not Just the thought about it.  Be open for anything, calm, collected, upbeat, humble & interested. I’d listen to a lot of Abraham Hicks, every morning, right after meditation, any video of hers, everyday, and anytime you’re driving / waiting. Order a micro bluetooth ear bud. Imo, her videos are the cleanest, purest psychology you will find. 

    I would then add, but only if you’re naturally genuinely interested, some quantum mechanics videos on YouTube. I’d start by searching relativity vs special relativity, then the double slit, entanglement, black holes & superposition. As you watch them, always, constantly pause it and look in front of you and contemplate - this video is talking about this isness right here right now.

    Then I’d take a 2 g dose of mushrooms and contemplate what is in front of me, what is this isness? Then I’d watch every video by John Hagelin / most are him speaking at SAND.  Then I’d take another 2g trip. Then I’d watch Leo’s videos, absolute infinity, the point of life, stages of life, then self deception (sorry), fear, duality, reality, truth. Then I’d take another 2g trip, (not having skipped any days of meditation for a few months now) and then watch ego backlash, oneness, and the ten ox pics. Then I’d go see some presenters like Ester Hicks, Eckart, and Rupert in person, and I’d ask questions, and ‘get in the hot seat’.

    Then I’d take 4g’s, and again two month’s later. Then I’d watch and contemplate, based on filling in gaps, based on questions I still have about self & reality. 

    Then I’d take a 5g trip, only when comfortable with the idea of doing so. 

    I’d take all the trips alone, in nature. But not in any overly minimalist survival (tent & campfire) setting. And not where I live (too familiar).  

    Small shroom dose is 1g. Larger is 2g. Never, ever ever ever take 3g’s. A high dose is 4g’s (You’ll lose identity). A hero’s dose is 5gs (you’ll lose reality). Trips should be at least two months apart. (You won’t actually lose anything). 

    All of this is obviously biased, but that’s what I’d do. 

    I think this is a great guide, the one hour of meditation every morning is kinda hurting me.

    But let's see how this life is going to be going in the next year. I will save this post in my Evernote.

    Thank you Nahm ! ?

  7. 22 minutes ago, Serotoninluv said:

    Is this something you were told? Or is this something revealed in your direct experience?

    Imagine spending 40 years of life assuming something was true and then one day suddenly realizing it wasn't true. 

    From my direct experience i see that sometimes i can let the body and the mind do they're thing and just act without and prior thought.

    And everything goes as it should be.

    13 minutes ago, JustThinkingAloud said:


    The way I see it is that everything is predetermined through cause and effect. To create a new cause you have to change something now and you will get a different effect. If you keep doing what you have always been doing, you will keep getting what you have always been getting.

    I strongly believe that all our actions start with our thoughts (and eventually become habits) so to change your “cause” and therefore "effect" you need to change the way you think and that will change the way you act and that will change what you get back.

    And from your understanding is there free will or not ?

    Free individual will?

    The thing that changes the thoughts , has free will?

    12 minutes ago, Meta-Man said:

    The body-mind organism has no free will and is a like computer reacting to events. You do not choose your thoughts, nor the impulse of acting on them. All your suffering is due to your insistence on believing to be a limited separate entity (the body, the self-contraction, the self-narrative). As The Absolute Formlessness that you really are you are completely free. In fact you are freedom. As the absolute that you really are, you are nothing and everything. Being nothing and everything there are can be no mistakes. You wouldn’t have it otherwise because you are the ultimate dreamer of the dream of life. You are the dreamer and the dreamed. Nothing happens by chance. Just like dominoes falling so the dream of life unfolds with seeming cause and effect. Seemingly - because cause and effect cannot be separated. All is one. You are the One.

    The is what i mean, you explain it like Ramana Mah. is explaining.


    So in the end the answer to this question is?

    Who is asking the question ? ?