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  1. 2 years ago i was in a bad place with my life. 

    I was depressed . Fat ,and running my life without any awareness.

    I smoked weed to feel good and i one time i somked weed alone and i had this experience:


    I was seeing thigs from the future and from the past and how they came tougher . And how the world is connected. (It was not a plesent experience)

    I saw a lot of things , flashing images , flashing all the time , and making connections of them.

    When the state was gone i sayd to myself "if i whoud be able to know this things in my day to day life I can get anything.



    Some other experience:

    Sometimes i when i was depressed i sit in my bad and i kinda fall asleep and i thought that exists more realitys , more dimensions,

    I was sitting in my bad for 2-3 hours and i was not abble to get up. I wanted to get up. But my body was to heavy and i could not get up.

    I a way i was traveling to space and time. And time stopped.

    But all the time i got up frome this experiences i told myself "if i know this stuff on my day to day life it will be amazing"


    All this experiences were not good experience s, i feld that i was not in control, i feld fear , ....


    What are this kind of stuff?