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  1. 3 hours ago, Matteo said:

    I listened to a lecture by him, he seems to have a lot of experience. He had problems reconciling the gigantic mystical states that he was experiencing because his normal life started to feel dry and insignificant, and he was just waiting to die so he could be infinity. He said he recovered from this. That's one thing that scares me, not being able to relate to normal life anymore. That was happening when I was doing psychedelics.

    Jep, but Bache pushed it really far. You don't have to go as far as he did. Netherless he had a successful career as a university professor. He also suffered, because he couldn't speak openly about his psychedelic experiences - if he did, he would have lost his job.

    That's why I went to sadhguru, because he was promising that through yoga your body will be able to permanently sustain those states of consciousness. I'm more interested in increasing my baseline level permanently, instead of just jumping. Some say this is best done by not jumping at all, but according to what leo says, this doesn't seem true from his perspective. Also I thought that those jumps happen anyway if you practice. It happened to me during a vipassana retreat. It happened to me on the top of a mountain for no reason.

    Sadhguru makes it happen on purpose during a program called Bhava Spandana. For example here he contradicts himself, because in one video he says "if you do big consciousness jumps with psychedelics, your normal life will seem to not be enough and you will suffer". But then in another article he said "with bhava Spandana we make you jump, so that you see what it's possible for you, and then you want all of it".

    A friend of mine did Bhava Spandana and said it was like taking mushrooms.

    Hmm… seems indeed like a contradiction. I started all my spiritual practices after a breakthrough experience with mushrooms in july 2018. The next day after the trip I just intuitively started with my meditation sessions. Never missed a single day until now. Why not try a combination of psychedelics and a continuous traditional spiritual practice like meditation or (kriya) yoga.


  2. 10 hours ago, remember said:

    no it’s not strange - try to go down with the breathing to three rounds - if you have cramps...maybe four are a little too much. (if you don’t take magnesium it could be helping to take magnesium supplementation)

    energy down is normal, its like doing sports or sauna, it’s in a sense positive stress to the body so the body will ask for rest after a while - maybe do meditation in advance and have a 15min sleep in the afternoon.

    talking of nadis... ida and pingala one is activating and the other is calming - sympathicus and parasympathicus.

    Thx, that's what I will try today.

  3. Did 4x40 breaths today. In the second round I had already crampings like after 30 or more minutes of holotropic breathwork. Is this normal or am I breathing to forcefully? Took a cold shower then and started my daily 70 min meditation session. At first I had a lot of Energy, but after some time I fell practically asleep during my session. Normally this nether happens… kind of strange...

  4. 1 hour ago, Space said:

    @LfcCharlie4 I actually started doing this a week or two ago. I haven't been doing it every day, but i'm just doing it every now and then for now, usually first thing in the morning. I love the stillness you get after the final exhale and you sit for 2 minutes without any air in the lungs. Such a nice feeling. Is there any clarification on whether you should breath into the stomach or into the lungs? I've yet to find an answer.

    In his mini class he says, that you breath into both, first filling the stomach (lower part of the lungs), then the chest (upper part of the lungs). 


  5. 16 hours ago, LfcCharlie4 said:

    @Gneh Onebar yeah man cold exposure is the really fun part, although not many would agree there! 

    don’t get me wrong it’s a challenge but it’s a fun one!

    Holy shit, did my first cold shower yesterday evening. The water was so fucking cold, that I really had to concentrate on my breath. I did it for like a good thirty seconds. After the shower I had to laugh for a few minutes because I felt so happy that I actually did it... or because of the relief. ;) 

  6. 5 hours ago, DLH said:

    Some of the Seth books are over 50 years old and a few Universities in the States have studied them in great detail. What Leo and these forums are discussing here in the 21st century has been conferred by tens of thousands of like mind people back in the 60s, 70s and 80s.  This is not a dig towards Leo or the people in this forum, but a friendly reminder that many people have been working on Self consciousness and awareness, and how that relates to this physical journey we are travelling in well before, and much longer than most of you have been alive! 

    The movement to bring God consciousness, "Self Consciousness", physical consciousness and awareness has been in motion for hundreds of years.  Most of the work has been done in private groups and pockets around the world.  It has been hidden in Canada and the U.S. because of the backlash from the Christian SD Blue dominance in these countries.  There are a lot of people out there that have done the work and have not opened up to the media or the general public so as to avoid biased attention. 

    It is only now that the younger generations have caught wind of this movement and are feeling safer to bring forward these awareness’s to the public light.

    Just An Old Timer sharing some thoughts, ideas and beliefs!

    I think it's mostly obvious that the things discussed around here are mainly not new. However I wasn't aware of the books you mentioned. I know Walsch's "Conversations with God", maybe the Seth books go thematically in the same direction.

  7. 9 hours ago, DLH said:

    Having said that, if anyone is interested and wants to really dig deeper in what it means to be a “Spiritual Being having a Physical experience in this physical reality of many”, may I suggest reading several “Seth” books that Jane Roberts and her partner put out in the 70’s.  You may be pleasantly surprised what you will learn.


    Thx for the book tips! Never heard about them.

  8. 4# Readings


    Chris M. Bache on Divine Love, Creation and Suffering

    I really like this passage in Bache's book "LSD and the Mind of the Universe":

    “Suddenly, I was overwhelmed by the most extraordinary LOVE, a Love unlike anything I had ever encountered before. It was as if a dam had burst and love was coming at me from every direction, so much Love that I could barely take it in even in my expanded state. It was a romantic Love, cosmic in scope and intensity. As I stabilized under this amorous assault, I began to remember a romance from deep within my history. An ancient Love, a divine love of unbelievable proportions.

    I was a Cosmic Being being loved by another Cosmic Being. Though at one level I had never been separated from my lover, at another level we had been separated for billions of years, and my return was rekindling our ancient love.

    Creation seemed to be a reality that had come forth from a dynamic relation between two Cosmic Beings who had themselves emerged from a Primal Unity.


    The magnitude of the Love that lies at the found of the creation of our universe is beyond description. To awaken to this Love was to remember a primordial decision that I had somehow participated in it.


    Remembering choices made before matter and time even existed, I reconnected with the Divine Love that had inspired these choices. This experience shattered my heart, and I wept deeply.


    It was all part of a cosmic plan that had been entered into freely by all participants, however unconscious of this fact we have come along the way. The nobility of great suffering shouldered voluntarily in the name of Divine Love, suffering that would stretch across millions of years, suffering that would become so utterly inscrutable that it would be used as evidence that the universe was devoid of compassion, this was the nobility of humanity’s gift to the Creator. All of the suffering that humanity had endured and would endure, especially the suffering of forgetfulness itself, was part of a consciously chosen creative process, a process that had not yet come to fruition.” (129f.)