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  1. Asking the mushroom about life purpose
    Asking the mushroom about life purpose
    @Shaun Yes, of course.
    1-2g is good for that.
    Just set a genuine intention to know. Frame your question and ask it in your mind a bunch of times before the trip. Then let the mushrooms show you. They may at first show you other stuff before they finally show you want you ultimately want. Sometimes to get what you ultimately want you must go through a few detours and work out some kinks in yourself.

  2. Eager to evolve - Getting my shit handled journal
    Eager to evolve - Getting my shit handled journal
    So I've been pushing too hard and overcomplicating my life, wanting to do way too many things at a time (as is my nature).
    And now I'm in this state of constantly feeling guilty. And that in itself is interesting.
    Because really, all these things like strict daily meditation, yoga and workouts are nice-to-haves.
    I believe in the immense benefits of them, and am only selecting habit goals that I truly believe in.
    But I shouldn't be feeling like shit when I don't do them.
    Yeah, that's basically been my life since I got into self development at a way too young age.
    An everpresent dark cloud of feeling like shit because I'm not doing everything I think I should.
    Digging Up Some Dirt
    Why am I doing all this stuff in the first place? To make up for something. A perceived deficit.
    The following is me examining some motivations that I've been overlooking. It's ugly, so brace yourself. This was very cathartic for me to write.
    I wanted to meditate and practice concentration daily, because i'M NOT ENOUGH BECAUSE MY  CONCENTRATION SUCKS
    I'm not enough because when my energy to focus runs out, and I'm overwhelmed, I can't be social and conversations with me are short and awkward. I'm not good enough because I can't be interested in and focused on other people all day. I'm not good enough because I can't bear to be at a party with strangers for more than 3 hours, after which I need a break from talking. I'm not good enough because that way, I may never be good at pickup or making friends.
      I'm not good enough because I don't have the concentration skills to be focused all day, so I could never hold a high position at a company or have any demanding, high paying job. Let alone run a business! I'm too chaotic and unfocused for that. That makes me not good enough.
      I'm not good enough because the previous point would mean I could never become a high-status individual, call up my high school class mates who were mean to me / looked down on me, and go: "HA HA!! SEE?! YOU WERE WRONG ABOUT ME!!"
      I wanted to learn to become good with girls. But, I'm not that bad with girls, at all. I'm doing better than the average male.

    No, what I secretly wanted is to become SO good with girls, that I can go back to every SINGLE girl that rejected me and/or was mean to me in highschool, apply my skills, and have sex with them. Be validated. Not be rejected this time. Doesn't matter if they are married by now, I'm just going to go systematically look up every single girl from highschool that I had a crush on and couldn't get, make a giant list, devise a master plan to fuck each and every one of them, and that would be my life. The nerd's revenge.
    [ I know it seems like I'm exaggerating. I'm really not. This is SCARY real. There's a part of me that believes that this is actually what I'm going to do with my life...]

    Oh god? So strange to actually write this down. This shit has been in the background of mind semi-daily, but in the shadows. So it's very familiar, but I've never shone a light on it. Haven't ever spoken of it or written it down.
    It's been my little secret. Well, not so little. I've been holding on to this Nerd's Revenge Master Plan like Smeagol to The Ring.

    Thinking that this is instrumental in motivating me to become my best self, and in the end, be happy. Not just happy, happier than everyone else who used to laugh at me! To WIN!!

    To let go of this secret master plan would mean to accept my past, in a way. To accept that I was unpopular and a social outcast in the past, and that there's nothing I can do to change that. Yikes!

    It's like I have this hole in my garden, filled with garbage. Every time something happens that confirms that self image of the awkward little kid who gets laughed at, hated, bullied, rejected, something that could be taken as a sign that I'M STILL THAT KID THAT i CAN'T ACCEPT,
    I put more crap in the hole and I push it down. If it doesn't fit, I stomp on it, run it over with a car, whatever I can do to make it fit in the hole, and make the garden look even.

    But, more and more work is going into pushing it down. And it's been rotting and smelling bad. People who visit my garden are wondering what I'm hiding. Maybe. Are they?!

    Time to clean out the hole.

    My garden is uneven. Can't hide it anymore.

    I could put flowers in it or something ?

  3. What's the point of learning so much?
    What's the point of learning so much?
    It's important to distinguish learning facts and memorizing stuff from learning wisdom and core principles.
    These are two very different pursuits.
    Learning facts and memorizing stuff is rather pointless and can even be counter-productive.
    Wisdom, however, is never forgotten. Deep understanding is permanent.

  4. Let's be real, Leo Gura has no clue... or does He?
    Let's be real, Leo Gura has no clue... or does He?
    I know what I'm doing, do all of you?  That's my question.  I pursue my results doggedly until I get them.  And look at all the shit I had to catch to get my results.  That's the Threshold Guardian that Leo talks about on the Hero's Journey.  Ya'll were my Threshold Guardian most ironically.  The bold, fearless Hero catches shit from the confused, conservative, loyal, fearful, jealous herd who resist him.  But when the Hero prevails, then he's the Hero.  Funny how that happens.  So persevere folks.  Follow your instincts, your "True North" and don't let people derail you because they will try hard.  The people closest to you will resist you the most paradoxically.  Be a man.  Find your balls and go fight for your authenticity and your results in this backward world.  And know you're gonna get ganged up on by well-meaning but ultimately misguided and misinformed Egos.  You need to find your balls because you need to bust through this resistance and see it to through to the end.  Many of you lack the balls to do this.  Your cowardice and lack of confidence is your worst enemy.  You will be a sheep in life.  There are numerous butt-kissing sheep in life but very few Heroes.  
    If you guys are confused as to what I'm talking about, read these threads:

  5. Let's be real, Leo Gura has no clue... or does He?
    Let's be real, Leo Gura has no clue... or does He?
    I'm free.  I don't know about you.  I'm happier than I've ever been.  I'm doing what I love.  The world has opened up to me finally.  What you want to do is have the courage to be yourself in life.  Just be yourself at all times and the Universe will open up to you.  Now, you're gonna have to fight, you can't be a pussy conformist butt-kissing pissant.  But, if you can be you, the Universe will give everything you could ever truly want like an angel falling down from Heaven into your lap.  Serious.  This is the Law of Attraction.  The Universe rewards authenticity.  Fervent authenticity.  It's truly remarkable what the Universe will do for you when you have the courage to just be you.  You'll stand in awe like -- what did I do to deserve all these gifts?

  6. "Leo, but what if you're deluded?"
    "Leo, but what if you're deluded?"
    @Truth Addict here are some signals of delusion:
    you become too bothered about what people - leo included - believe/say your ability to enjoy life and love people gets thrown off by your eccentricism you're unable to experience peace of mind because you're thinking too hard about spirituality/metaphysics you can't overcome the dependence on the wisdom of others you can't overcome the dependence on the use of substances that facilitate the shutdown of the mind chattering you become attached to certain ideologies

  7. "Leo, but what if you're deluded?"
    "Leo, but what if you're deluded?"
    The two are deeply one.
    God gives you guidance if you ask for it and listen carefully to your highest thoughts and feelings. Your highest feelings are God speaking to you. Or rather it is you reconnecting with the Goodness of God.
    But also, suffering IS deep guidance. You may not like it but suffering shows you the way to God.

  8. Leo how do i verify what you've said
    Leo how do i verify what you've said
    All the practices you've been told:
    Psychedelics Meditation Self inquiry Concentration Kriya yoga Contemplation Solo retreats Dark room retreats Shamanic breathing Etc You just refuse to do them seriously. Precisely because they produce results.

  9. Joseph Maynor Journal Vol. 13: Enlightenment & Ego: Integrating Soft & Hard Practices
    Joseph Maynor Journal Vol. 13: Enlightenment & Ego: Integrating Soft & Hard Practices
    Relationships and connection are an avenue for growth that I only recently fully started to appreciate.  I recall my buddy talking about all the lessons he learned from each girlfriend he had as I sat there perplexed.  Now I get it.  Top heavy people like me tend to over-emphasize thought as the vehicle and conduit for growth.  But no, you have relationships, you have contribution (projects), you have health and fitness, you have art (creativity), you have action (right conduct), you have meditation (connection with being), you have travel (especially international cultural travel), and probably others that I'm missing.  
    Avenues and Sources of Growth:
    Thought Relationships Contribution (Projects) Health & Fitness Art (Creativity) Action (Right Conduct) Meditation (Connection with Being) Travel (Esp. International Cultural Travel)

  10. What is enlightenment?
    What is enlightenment?
    The problem is that's poison to your body and mind. And you're squandering a good opportunity.
    It's like you go to Disneyland and rather than going on all the rides you lock yourself in the toilet. 
    Technically there's no problem. But it's also a waste.

  11. Tips for integrating a not so pleasant LSD experience ? [Trip report + questions]
    Tips for integrating a not so pleasant LSD experience ? [Trip report + questions]
    Since you are God, you are the only authority that exists. So whatever you hold as the case becomes your reality. If you think you deserve punishment, you will get. If you think some adult is your authority figure, that becomes your reality. If you think you are crazy, you become so.
    What the psychedelic ultimately shows you is that all of reality is your own projection. So be careful what you think or you just might get it. If you think scary thoughts you will get scary experiences. That's how people create their own living hells.
    Such "bad" trips as yours are all part of the journey. It was exactly what you needed at this time in your life. The next trip will be different if you've learn your lessons.
    Such "bad" trips are necessary to teach you the importance of respecting these powerful substances. The lesson is: these are not toys. So next time you will be much more careful with your protocol, attitude, and setting.

  12. Having so much free time makes me spend it unwisely
    Having so much free time makes me spend it unwisely
    Yeah, that's why self-employment is so hard and most people just cannot do it. Because it takes serious vision and self-discipline to be able to lead yourself. Most people are sheep who suck on the tit of society. They need a boss just to tell them when to wake up, otherwise they would become vegetables.
    The self-determined life is not the easy life. The easy life is working at Starbucks for 40 years and then retiring without a single dream or deep thought about life.
    You need to have a serous over-arching vision and purpose to your life if you're gonna go it alone. You need to be a fuckin boss on yourself.

  13. No motivation for life purpose!!!?
    No motivation for life purpose!!!?
    You're missing the bigger picture. Your understanding of what life purpose is is far too small. Life purpose is not a materialistic thing, life purpose is the highest spiritual thing! Your spiritual love IS the source of your life purpose. Stop pitting spirituality and LP against each other.
    You just need to upgrade your LP to reflect your new spiritual values and orientation.
    Life purpose is an expression of your soul. It has nothing to do with money or career per se.
    How is your new spiritual awareness going to impact the world??? You're not here to sit around listening to birds chirp for 60 years. You are here to be a creator. What do you want to create?

  14. Is there any Objective meaning?
    Is there any Objective meaning?
    Perception, thought, and creation are not two.
    The universe is hell for devils because of how they perceive and how they think -- which is their creation.
    How you think about reality affects reality directly. By thinking of the world as a place where you exist, where others can harm you, and where one day you will die, you literally create your own hell.

  15. Following politics is tier 1 thinking, right?
    Following politics is tier 1 thinking, right?
    @NoSelfSelf You are missing that you are member of society whether you like it or not, whether you're enlightened or not. Society can only function when its citizens are well-educated and conscious. If the most conscious people stick their head in the sand and only focus on making their own personal lives work consciously, then society will be seized by the most unconscious right-wing nationalist tyrants. That's how Hitler and WWII happens.
    As a human being you have to take responsibility for your role within a collective. Personal enlightenment is good but not good enough! Which is why enlightened masters become Bodhisattvas, to help elevate the rest of mankind. They are playing  a much bigger game than their own personal enlightenment. Personal enlightenment is a cake walk compared to enlightening society.
    If you are the whole universe, then you are also society. You cannot treat yourself as only an individual unit, only a personal human life. You are also the collective! The life of all beings is your responsibility. You are God after all. How can you neglect your creation? Are you really going to sit by and watch devilry prevail? No! You cannot. It is actually impossible. Love and consciousness will move you to towards the highest Good.
    To be fully conscious is to take responsibility for EVERYTHING to the point where you are willing to lay your life down for the greater Good. That is literally God's work. God did not design this wondrous creation through negligence or selfishness.

  16. I don't want to put off spirituality to handle financial freedom
    I don't want to put off spirituality to handle financial freedom
    There is not one strategy, there are many
    You could focus on gaining financial security first and then go hog-wild on spirituality.
    Or you could do just the opposite.
    It really depends on what your heart wants and what you can handle. It can be very painful to force yourself to work on mundane financial stuff when you are itching to be creative or spiritual.
    Then again, if your financial situation collapses, that might force you into slave labor and out of your spiritual quest. Again, depending on who you are.
    The most spiritually gifted people will never be stopped by financial concerns. But that's not most people. You have to be realistic about what you're gonna be able to handle.
    If you want the most direct path to the highest human life, drop everything and go balls deep into spirituality. But that's very hardcore and too difficult for most people to pull off. Most people won't be able to handle it. Hence there are more gradual approaches.
    Personally, I focused on locking in financial freedom first. But it was pretty painful, to be honest. I would not wish that kind of pain on anyone. But it sure beats being a wage slave.

  17. Starting my upward spiral.
    Starting my upward spiral.
    It sounds like you are making progress. Just remind yourself that progress is not linear.
    Yes, it can be very difficult to find financial independence.
    Then again, college degress count for very little and there are always interesting job opporunities available.
    Be creative, think outside the job, explore new avenues, keep an open mind, and cultivate hope. You don't need to know HOW you will resolve all this, just trust that you will. The details will get sorted out in the process of doing it, not beforehand.

  18. Ken Wilber on not turning Spiral Dynamics into a form of perfectionism
    Ken Wilber on not turning Spiral Dynamics into a form of perfectionism
    Though Wilber isn’t addressing this directly, the beginning of this very much covers the overarching narrative and also problem I see people falling into where people want to use the sprial dynamics and states and stages as a way to create this cartoon character of a perfect human being which I see a lot of people really falling into. Particularly when I see people listening to TJ Reeves and falling into this mental masterbation of Coral and beyond and how they want to embody the entire Spiral and they want to turn themselves into some fantasy of the perfect human being whose Turquoise say all across the various lines of development and states and stages.
    Don’t use sprial dynamics as a form of perfectionism! It’s a model and only a model. Cover your bases, clean up your shadow, stick to your strengths and do the best you can. 

  19. Rupert Spira's answer to my questions
    Rupert Spira's answer to my questions
    5-MeO is almost too powerful for such questions. You will be in such a degree of consciousness that your old life will have zero import or meaning. Your old life will simply not make any sense because it is pure illusion. Under 5-MeO human life simply does not compute. It's like looking at a 2D object from the 4th dimension. Your only desire will be to share 5-MeO with the whole world.
    Mushrooms or LSD are milder and better for asking such questions.

  20. How did you find your passion
    How did you find your passion
    I know Leo earns a lot with selling you "Life Purpose" but he also says (to his benefit) and this is the gem:
    SPIRITUALITY IS ABOUT FOLLOWING YOUR SOULD/HEARTS/SPIRIT GUIDES/ GUT FEELING/ and you can only do that fully, or lets say better and ebtter if you are contemplating death, you let go of yourself etc. 
    I will give you your life purpose and you will be unhappy. You will find out you will be unhappy, because no novelty!
    Balance yourself 

  21. How did you find your passion
    How did you find your passion
    The problem for me was not finding passion. But remove everything that society put into my wheels to stop me from my lp. A shitty programmed mind for instance
    I become very self aware of what I Always liked and will ever be passionate/working for - at 21.

  22. How to survive whilst working towards life purpose?
    How to survive whilst working towards life purpose?
    @Space That is the million dollar question.
    There is no easy answer. Becoming financially comfortable whilst starting from scratch is very challenging, requiring creative thinking, strategy, focus, discipline, hard work, vision, and a bit of luck.
    In practice you will have to claw your way to the top using whatever means available.
    One very helpful piece of advice is to keep your living expenses as low as humanly possible. At least for the first 5 years of your LP, until you get established.
    Another possibility is to move to a very cheap part of the country, or even a 3rd world country as you develop your skills. Again, this is to keep your expenses as low as possible and buy yourself time to build skills.
    Another possibility is first build some more marketable skills which can help you pay the rent. For example it's possible to learn some programming skills, which tend to be well-paid.
    Another possibility is to work a relatively high-wage job for a year or two in order to save up a nest egg. There are some jobs which require zero experience and zero education but still pay well.
    Another possibility is to get a lower job but within your chosen field/industry. For example if you want to direct movies, rather than trying to get hired as a director (which is virtually impossible), try to get hired as an assistant to the director. Then you can prove yourself to the director and he might be willing to hire you in the future as a producer. Etc. Finally then you will become a director.
    Another possibility is to get a part-time job which allows you time to work on building your skills at home.
    You have to be very creative, opportunistic, and flexible when starting out.
    I spent 4 years building an entirely unrelated business to earn enough money to finally follow my LP. It was a huge detour and not at all easy or pleasant. But it was worth it.

  23. Human characteristics and qualities
    Human characteristics and qualities
    @nistake Every creature has a unique personality. Do not confuse this primordial personality with ego or with social conditioning. This primordial personality will remain even after total enlightenment.
    Even cats and dogs have these primordial personalities. No two cats have an identical personality.
    Because every brain is unique, just like every computer hard drive is unique.

  24. How to deal with having nothing to do at work
    How to deal with having nothing to do at work
    A lot of the point of meditation is to be able to stop taking action, and reflect. In Orange, it's often recognized as a type of chasing after success, and the hard work as a way of getting over insecurities. In Green, you calm down somewhat, but it's still possible to overwork on helping other people then. In Yellow, you finally calm the shit down, but you end up overthinking things a little too much in that you're afraid to get new allies for Turquoise. Which one you're in is up to you to figure out.
    But anyway, how are you going to be able to figure out the root cause of things when you get to Yellow? It reminds me of this Infinity Meditation I made, which involves looking back to your past from 1 second, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and so on until you somehow reach the Big Bang. The thing to realize is that to know what matters the most, is that it really matters to your past, history and the farther future. There's no use acting when you're acting on a terrible decision.

  25. Why the addiction for power over others?
    Why the addiction for power over others?
    I think it comes from not being able to control yourself so controling others gives you the illusion you are controling everything...
    To purify i think you have to be satisfied with yourself then controling others wont be necessary...
    There has to be healthy control meaning you are not the order of the system is going well....