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  1. I can't accept the fact that I have to work in life, how can I change this?
    I can't accept the fact that I have to work in life, how can I change this?
    I meant, it needs to be the most meaningful thing out of the things you could be working on.
    Unless you are a billionaire, you don't have a choice in life. You will have to work to make money. The only question is, will you work on things you find most meaningful or not?
    Even if you value deep relationships, you'll still have to work. Because work IS survival. You cannot be alive and avoid survival. The only question is, what will be the quality of your survival? Are you gonna be scamming old ladies out of their life savings, are you gonna be selling poison at McDonald's, or are you gonna do something meaningful for the world?
    Up to you.
    Don't be surprised if you hate your life when you sell poison at McDonald's for 8 hours every day. You should hate your life at that point because what you're doing is so stupid. That hate is a message that God is sending you. God is telling you, "Why you being so stupid when you could be doing something so much more amazing with your life?"
    Living life in stupid ways leads to lots of suffering.

  2. I can't accept the fact that I have to work in life, how can I change this?
    I can't accept the fact that I have to work in life, how can I change this?
    You're thinking about work all wrong.
    Rather than seeing is as something you have to do, find a way to make it something you love to do.
    In general, don't do things because you have to, do them because you want to.
    This means being proactive about your work. It's not really work then, it's creativity. Don't you want to be creative? Why not? You are God after all! You created the whole universe and creation is a beautiful and exciting process.
    You're disconnected from your creativity. That's your problem. Find a way to reconnect and this issue about work will dissolve. Then your problem will be that you work too hard!
    Your work needs to be the most meaningful thing in the world to you.
    You have yet to realize the significance of life purpose. You know it only as an intellectual abstraction, not a tangible burning passion.

  3. how important is attractiveness for men in a relationship?
    how important is attractiveness for men in a relationship?
    @Mikael89 the pressure on men? Oh yeah, but where does that pressure reside, in Truth, if men were to take responsibility for their success with woman? 
    imo it all comes down to rejection. Those who don’t or haven’t learned how to take it will always find a way to sabotage because they can’t just be themselves, they gotta create a persona in hopes of finding approval. Others, like myself, (probably you) would rather find any excuse to avoid it. Choose to focus on the negatives rather than on growth. Knee jerk reaction being to think rather than to do. Everyone is dealing with their own struggles whether they can get a gf or not, the ones who thrive are working through their perceived weaknesses 

  4. how important is attractiveness for men in a relationship?
    how important is attractiveness for men in a relationship?
    A strong man actively creates his experience, therefore he builds up his skills, he doesn't need anyone to help him with that, nor is it really that possible. A teacher can give you pointers, but the inner work has to be done by you.

  5. Just diagnosed with thyroid cancer
    Just diagnosed with thyroid cancer
    @lukej Sorry to hear that.
    You should know that cancer recovery rates can be significantly improved through proper daily visualization technique. This has been validated by clinical research.
    So I highly recommened you learn it and start doing it daily.
    PM me if you want some further instruction.

  6. Confused About Nature Of Reality
    Confused About Nature Of Reality
    It's not nihilistic survival, it's DIVINE survival! Be careful not to disparage survival too much. Survival is all part of the Grand Design and Beauty of reality.
    Paradoxically, when you give up lowercase M meaning, you gain uppercase Meaning, which is Being.

  7. Extreme Backsliding
    Extreme Backsliding
    @herghly Don't get discouraged. It's okay. Enjoy it a bit and carry on with the work.
    Guilting yourself for backsliding only adds fuel to the fire.
    Don't forget to love yourself and have compassion for yourself in this work. This is very challenging work you're doing.

  8. can't fall asleep after 5meo bad trip, it's been 4 days please help
    can't fall asleep after 5meo bad trip, it's been 4 days please help
    Just be aware, taking medications to halt the spiritual purification process is like pressing the gas and the breaks in your car at the same time.
    Ideally you let the process unfold naturally without trying to escape from it.
    Yes, it can be very difficult at times. The more growth you try to accomplish is the least time, the more shocking it is to the system. So there's a trade-off here. You can spend a decade waking up or a week. If you do it in a week, it will probably be hell.
    The most important thing to understand is that in the waking up process, serious emotional and energetic upheaval is quite common and normal. It is not a "bad" thing. Ideally you push through it. But if you feel like it's reaching a life-threatening level, then obviously find some way to back off and come back to it later.
    Also be ware of ego backlash. It's coming.

  9. Is Jordan Peterson having a middle life crisis?
    Is Jordan Peterson having a middle life crisis?
    This is certainly true. Many young people today lack discipline and other healthy aspects of Blue.
    The challenge is teaching Blue without indoctrinating people into a nationalist, anti-Green rabbit hole a la Fox News.
    Yes, churches and schools are probably the best examples.
    I think African American churches are some of the best examples of healthy stage Blue.
    Military also teaches Blue well (when it's not doing war crimes).
    Yes, and it also leads to demonization of all higher stages. There is a cottage industry on YT for demonizing Green. Folks make careers out of it. One such folk is JP.

  10. Is Love the Key?
    Is Love the Key?
    Love is important, but don't use love as an excuse for supressing hurt feelings. There is obviously a reason for why you shut down your heart, and those feelings need to be acknowledged (whether it be blame, anger, grief, whatever). It took me over 2 years to work through these emotions towards my parents and open my heart to them, and I wasn't even severely abused. Had I used excuses such as "they were treated that way themselves", "I should forgive" and "it wasn't that bad" to shut down those feelings of anger and blame this process probably never would have happened.
    In my view, the liberation to be whatever is the key. Had I been stuck in that prison of how I ought to be and feel, I never would have been able to love fully.

  11. Does a truth realized person reincarnate as an unrealized person?
    Does a truth realized person reincarnate as an unrealized person?
    Again, the problem is with how you're defining "I". The I of which you speak is the illusory ego.
    The true I, God, has an infinite number of lives because it is all things.
    Your life is imaginary. It isn't really yours. You've mistaken the universe for yourself.
    It's sort of like when you say, "This is my cat." But in truth, that cat does not belong to you. You can't really own a cat. Only in your imagination.

  12. A scientific study on drug induced ego-death
    A scientific study on drug induced ego-death
    Sorry, I just noticed I posted in the wrong forum.
    I just found this paper and found it pretty interesting.
    Especially the part about ego-dissolution being pretty similar to acute psychotic symptoms.
    What if psychosis is just a very intense spiritual experience?
    What do you think?

  13. Feeling bad a month after Ayahuasca, please help 
    Feeling bad a month after Ayahuasca, please help 
    @Leo Gura @Nahm @Serotoninluv
    So I had my first insight / 2nd awakening experience.... I've never felt this way before... it's so much more clear than before and it's like I'm more awake and real... it's hard to even put into words... I can see how this work can cure mental illness of the mind. It's like all these thoughts were lurking and from my place of conflict before I was fighting with them and automatically believing them at the same time. Like a civil war of various issues over the years mixing. What it took to get here was just experiencing some stuff in my shadow I've been fighting with and I've realized ther rus no need to fight it... it's not bad. It just wants to be heard and acknowledged and it isn't even entirely "me" persay just an aspect that wants to be recognized as part of my experience. When I stopped giving all my power to these sort of silent thought devils this feeling of clarity washed over and I could feel this feeling of peace and strength in my heart like there was a barrier holding in this sense of peace and truth. I can still see I have much further to go and I still have this worrying/neurotic side to continue observing and integrating but I'm never knew this is was possible in life until now to see that these sort of negative aspects I've been fighting can be accepted and the puppet strings can be cut. The meditative journaling really helps. 

  14. can't fall asleep after 5meo bad trip, it's been 4 days please help
    can't fall asleep after 5meo bad trip, it's been 4 days please help
    Sounds to me like the 5-MeO opened you up and now you're going through a classic "spiritual emergency" as Stan Grof calls it.
    This is a normal part of the waking up process. Of course it can feel hairy when you're in the thick of it.
    You might want to read up on Stan Grof's work on "spiritual emergencies".  Most people don't get them, but plenty do as they get deeper into this work.
    I would try to frame this as a positive. Clearly you were very sensitive and that trip unlocked something in you. The process is just happening so fast that you feel overwhelmed. Try to roll with it and become curious about what is happening to you, rather than trying to stop it or trying to go back to your old life.
    The resistance and worry is largely what causes the suffering.
    Remember, this work involves undergoing significant change. Have faith in the process. This should help you calm down and roll with the punches.
    The 5-MeO is long out of your system. This is simply you starting to wake up. The ego mind can resist the process in all sorts of creative and dysfunctional ways.

  15. Creative and Emotional types require a different path to enlightenment
    Creative and Emotional types require a different path to enlightenment
    Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.
    - swami vivekananda
    Never think there is anything impossible for the soul. It is the greatest heresy to think so. If there is sin, this is the only sin; to say that you are weak, or others are weak.
    - swami vivekananda
    I m very yang.

  16. Is Love the Key?
    Is Love the Key?
    Yeah, you're terrified of genuine love. Selfishness & fear has prevented you.
    Hehe, enlightenment and love are identical.
    What you've truly longed for is a return to your true identity: as God
    Right now you are a devil. As a devil you suffer from the disconnection from God's Love. But you don't know how to stop being a devil. You're too scared to surrender your devilry. So you're caught in bind. On the one hand you want God and Love, on the other hand you cannot stand giving up your devilry.

  17. Hooponopono, method of healing others through yourself
    Hooponopono, method of healing others through yourself
    I'd like to know who has heard of this?
    This is a hawaiian prayer, that is used there by the shamans.
    It basically says, that everything that happens in the world, every problem, every war, every illness is because of you, and you should take 100% responsibility over everything. First I did not understand what it meant and could not imagine how a war in another country is because of me, but having read more about oneness it does make sense now, that everything is you. 
    The prayer consists of saying to yourself 4 simple things, which are:
    I love you 
    I am sorry (for having created these erroneous thoughts that lead to the problem),
    Forgive me (for the state and the problem that is), 
    Thank you (for existing)
    There was a hawaiian psychologist that managed to heal a whole ward of mentally ill criminals with repeatedly meditating on this prayer and just by looking at the documents of the individuals, he has not even seen them personally.

  18. Get more energy?
    Get more energy?
    Get your blood work done. Check your thyroid and hormones. Many people have thyroid or hormone imbalances. Low energy is often associated with under-active thyroid.
    Of course cleaning up your diet is very important. If you eat shit you will feel like shit. Stop eating all wheat products and all junk food. Carb heavy foods make you extra sleepy.
    You should also do a urine test for heavy metal toxicity. Heavy metals like mercury and lead cause all sorts of energy problems. There are detox protocols for detoxing heavy metals if you have them.

  19. Introducing Myslef to the Community and Health as a path to Enlightenment
    Introducing Myslef to the Community and Health as a path to Enlightenment
    That's right, enlightenment is generally not useful. Enlightenment is the transcendence of survival, value, right/wrong, meaning, usefulness, etc.
    That's also right. Love is ultimately where all this no-self business leads. Absolute Self Love is the end result of profound enlightenment.
    If you were truly able to Self-Love, you'd conquer every demon in the world.
    - - - - - - - - -
    The realization of no-self is very important.
    It doesn't contradict Self Love. These are two sides of the same coin. So don't turn this into a false choice. Realize no-self. Realize The Self. Realize God. Realize Love. Realize Infinity. Realize Nothingness. Then you will be ready to save the world.

  20. Is the future known already?
    Is the future known already?
    The future is not predetermined. The future will be whatever God decides it to be. Which means, whatever we decide it to be, since we are God. The unfolding of life IS the very mechanism by which God creates the future.
    This is it! God is deciding right NOW what the future will be! You are doing it!
    If you decide to pick your nose, that's what God decided. Until you pick your nose, God hasn't decided it.

  21. Feeling bad a month after Ayahuasca, please help 
    Feeling bad a month after Ayahuasca, please help 
    @SunnyNewDay Seems to me that you have more access to other dimensions of reality than most people. Folks with psychic abilities usually experience voices and things of that sort, which they can find overwhelming at first until they learn how to manage it.
    This is sorta the shaman's path. The important thing is not to misinterpret this as going crazy or as something that's wrong. You should try to see it as a blessing in disguise, a gift. But you'll have to go through some inner turmoil to fully realize how to make use of this gift for the greater good of mankind. It's a journey of self-discovery. You are discovering hidden aspects of yourself and reality. Don't expect to fit in with mainstream folks. Try to find some shamans or others with these kinds of psychic or paranormal abilities. They would be in the best position to guide you and give you advice. Personally I never experience that kind of stuff, but I know it's a real thing.
    It's not that you are developing schizophrenia. Rather your mind is opening up to new dimensions of reality which are not yet recognized by mainstream culture. Become curious about these new dimensions. They might be worth exploring.

  22. Joseph Maynor Journal Vol. 14: New Chapter/ Start Phase, Pragmatic Self-Help, Essays
    Joseph Maynor Journal Vol. 14: New Chapter/ Start Phase, Pragmatic Self-Help, Essays

  23. Unbalanced body
    Unbalanced body
    @Truth Addict I'll try my best to help but this work requires alot of self-reflection, mind-body feedback, and experimentation. I can't demo your body to see what all these things you are experiencing feel like from a first person perspective haha(would be cool though). Some of the variables I would try to explore are perhaps your sleeping position. Do you sleep on your side, stomach, back? Which way do you typically turn your head in any of these sleeping positions? Just try these different positions and try and relax while noticing where the tension arises. Also we cant rule out its perhaps related to some sort of stress your experiencing in your life atm. Feeling any particular emotional stress due to any recent changes? 
    As far as the computer goes. My guess might be poor posture of sorts and general exclusion of the upholding of your neck and facial muscles. Is your screen lower than your head. Does your mouth sit agape as your working with a completely loose hanging jaw? I can say from experience that my jaw and frontal neck strength has increased by placing my monitor on a heap of books  so that my general line of sight is straight ahead or slightly upward to see my monitor. Imagine your monitor and the stand it sits on are its head/neck  and the bottom of the stand is its collarbone. Make it sit level with your collarbone as if you are face to face with another human being. If done right, you should be sitting with a straight spine and your jaw pointing slightly upward. This requires more work from all your muscles to uphold this posture(core, hip flexors, groin, chest, shoulders, back, neck, trapezius, jaw). It becomes tiring especially when you are first adapting to it, but if you are doing any regular exercise like yoga, gym, etc... You will be fine. Just stick with it. Move your chair closer to the ground or move your keyboard up. Do whatever you have to to create the image of a rod going from the top of your straight down into your head through the neck, chest and to the bottom of your pelvis. I personally put my screen a bit higher than what seems comfortable to really counteract the urge to just let the weight of my head come down and be just looking up with my eyeballs. You should look like you are gazing at a sunset far away. you will have to keep checking up on yourself to make sure you are not progressively starting to hunch forward to relieve those muscles of the work they are not used to putting in. If you find yourself leaning in to see smaller text then that's a problem with the magnification you have set on your computer or you have your screen to far from your face. The best thing you can aim for is the position you would meditate in (lotus). That's all I got in regards to positioning yourself when using your computer. Hope it helps

  24. Unbalanced body
    Unbalanced body
    I have become incredibly more in touch with my body over the past 5ish years of my life. This is a subject I can talk a LOT about that I usually have to shut myself up about when talking to other people(their silence speaks volumes). Now's my chance :D. As far as the 'why' goes for your post. There are MANY reasons for imbalances in your physical form. One possibility is the activities you are engaging in. If you are doing any repetitive motions during the day you are most likely gaining muscle on one side of your body for a specific muscle group. Dancing isnt completely balanced exercise. Alot depends on your form of dance, which leg you are leading with, which arm is used more for asymmetric moves. I hope also have taken masturbation into consideration if thats something you do regularly. I spent many years using one arm and eventually switched because I noticed it was aiding in keeping my body bowed in a particular quadrant of my body rather than getting those kinks out. Lastly another thing to take notice of is something I dont have a name for but I've heard someone refer to as "neurotic holding patterns". Ways that your body retreats into itself when you are feeling negative emotions. Slouching, receding the chin inwards, positioning feet unevenly. These ways of holding your body become chronic and further contribute to muscle imbalance. These ones are hard to get rid of because they exist in conjunction with our past traumas. These holding patterns are tied to you like your identity is. The faces you make, the sounds you produce when speaking as well are a reflection of the mental state and can change when you become aware of the way your are preforming them. As aware as I am about all of these factors I still struggle to keep lasting change in the face of new experiences. My body wants to snap back into my old ways because its comfortable with them. 
    Like I said I can talk about this for ages, so rather than write the equivalent of a book on these forums just ask me whatever particular concerns you may have. The best advice I can offer is to partake in yoga. It will make you more aware of all your imbalances and weaknesses in your body. You must pay very close attention to your body and movements and counteract them with the corresponding parallel movements to achieve symmetry. Why is all of this important? Some might say this is pure narcissism and preoccupation with physical appearance but its about balance. Life is a balancing act. A balanced body is a balanced mind and vice versa. Not only that but it will fix chronic pain you may be experiencing in certain parts of your body and prevent deterioration of your body in the long run. Yoga and tai-chi are the best things I can recommend for this. Also just conscious awareness of your body ALL through-out the day.  

  25. Is Psychology only based on the ego ?
    Is Psychology only based on the ego ?
    Much of academic psychology is pretty crude. It certainly won't incorporate spiritual or mystical insights. But there's some value in it.
    What you really want is transpersonal psychology, humanistic psychology, positive psychology.
    Or just straight up spirituality, mysticism, and nonduality.