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  1. Hello everyone.

    I'm facing an obstacle during my consciousness path, it regards people around me.

    The more I become conscious the more others are irritated by me. I really feel to be my self, I do not talk to much, only when I feel it is necessary and spontaneous. When I listen to people most of the time I'm empty inside my self and others perceive as if I I'm not listening to them. My mother got very angry and aggressive for my behaviours she says I'm like a ghost.

    This makes me feel uncomfortable because I do not want to make then feel such feelings or ideas but at the same time I do not want to loose my presence awareness. Most of the people sees my like a weird and strange one. 

    How could I balance such a situation ?  

  2. On an existential level I haven't found a meaning/purpose in life. 

    When It comes to social "individual" beings things get more complicated.

    So many people are stuck in this endless loop of "what is my purpose in life ? "  The first one is to be alive and experience life day by day, but of course we have to perform some activities in our social life.  Here comes the problem, "what should I choose , what should I do ? " 

    Many are choosing blindly without any sense of Inner awareness, they are compulsive. Others choose things that they are good at, talent,passion and so on. The rest of the people are scratching their heads to figure out what they want to do in their lifes. 

    The main problem in my opinion about the idea of Life Purpose is that we think something is better than something else, you make a comparison and so a distortion of Life. 

    For example : Cooking and Painting . I do not know which one to choose . I love both. 

    In a bigger  wiew they are the same, there is no difference, only because we think on is better than the other we get stuck and confused. 

    Preference  always refers to our conditioned personality, we are not more able to enjoy whatever comes our way, because our egoic likes and dislikes have distorted reality. 

    If I choose cooking and get absolutley involved with it where is the problem ? If I choose painting and get absolutely involved with it where is the problem ? 

    The content of the activities are different but the Inner experience is the same .

    Of course we need to look at what we are good and what out capabilities are best at.


    I'm not saying that this is thruth. It is a just a reasoning that I've build in these days. 

    Please tell me what is your opinion about. Sorry for my English I tried my best. 

  3. I have always enjoyed and felt a deep love in helping others, especially trough talking. 

    I would like to create my life purpose around this. Helping others in some way. 

    The most beautiful dream is to be a spiritual teacher, but that requires a deep realization inside yourself in my opinion and it is not something that you can strive to become. 

    Other ways would be to be a therapist, but here in Italy you have to go trough an endless process of academic formation . 5 years in university and other 8 to become a therapist. And the idea to study academic psychology seems very hard if you have got some spiritual realizations. 

    An other way I thought is though Yoga maybe I can combine it with something else, writing books and so on. 

    I really enjoy teaching and helping so this could be a good point. 

    What do you think , are there some other ways ? 

    Thank you 


  4.  Most of the spiritual teachings (if not all) says that we are not the body. 

    I can I understand that I am not my thoughts because I can clearly see that they are only accumulated stuff from external situations. But how with the body ? Many says that it is an accumulation of food that I have gathered with time. My mind tries do understand how I can not be the body and I think the problem here is the limit of my logic. 

    So how to go foward ? 

    I mean how can I not be the body ? Why should I not be the body ? 

    If I'm not the body I do not exist but I feel that I exist 

  5. 14 minutes ago, roar said:

    Your ego mind is practicing attachment, grasping for the known past.  It gets uncomfortable with new directions and uncertainties.  It's just one of its tricks.  Let go.  YOU are not it.

    Yes . I feel a very strong emptiness inside me . Not having the image of me "being the drummer of the band" makes the ego scream 

  6. Two days ago i decided to leave my band members. I wanted to start new, making new experiences and so on. 

    Also because the main aim in the band  was becoming famous. I was also worried about my personal Growth because they where quite unconscious.

    In the beginning I was  sure to do this , but now that  I have done it I'm suffering a lot and doubts are arising if I have done the good thing or not. My mind sends me only the beautiful moments that I have had with them and this makes me feel very nostalgic and guilty. It feels like I had a heavy break up with a girlfriend. 

    I do not understand why in the beginning I was clear and secure about what to do and now all this shit comes up. 



  7. I would suggest to observe yourself . Your tendencies and so on. 

    In my opinion it is useless to get rid of bad habits  by changing them  or resisting them because they really exist only in your mind. 

    The more you become conscious of your patterns the more things will fall apart by itself and the so called good habits will manifest spontaneously. 

  8. "A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. "

    Lao Tzu

    Try to focus on the process . Enjoy the process . The growth and the failures. Often we get coguht up in the fears of failures on the path. They will be there, you can not deny them. But how can you develop without failures ? 

    Take the step and enjoy the rest of the trip whatever may happen.

    But one thing has to be always with you. Your absolute involvement.

    Good luck :)

  9. After deep realizations and glimpses I find my self to rebuild the fundaments of my life that in the past I have built unconsciously. 

    It can be hard to start things again from the floor. 

    I have a big contrast within my self with the actual band I'm playing in. The level of consciousness is quite low in the other members. The main aim is to become famous and make Mooney. Nothing wrong in making Mooney. But the Inner tendencies are very egoic.

    So sometimes one part of me tends to follow the flow of ego ➡️ wants fame and recognition. But there is a bigger part that denies it.

    I enjoy to play with them but I'm very scared that this situation can cause some damage on my spiritual level because there are a lot of compulsions in them, mostly on the sex level. In that situations I feel very distant and different.

    When I make in my mind the decision to leave a fear appears about a future regret "you could have been famous and have a financial security" and so on. 

    I just wonder if It can be dangerous or not.

    "Should I stay or should I go ?"  I"m so weak in this point.



  10. TThis time is very precious. 

    Could you stay in this job and at the same time be happy ? That is a big one for spiritual practice. 

    It is not going to be eternal. This can be you best sadhana. 

    Are you crawling trough your work or are you dancing ? 

    You can push your self above your stronger barrier➡️ Your likes and dislikes. 

    It's a precious occasion !! :))

  11. Hey I know what it feels like to be in this stage. I'm 21.  

    The greatest mistake I've made was FEAR ! Yes.

    Fear of making a mistake,fear of not doing the perfect decisions, fear of change , fear of leaving wrong relationships. 

    Take courage now ! Experiment . Do not be afraid to do wrong things . You have this time now to take wrong paths. 

    One of the most important things to do in this age where we have the necessary energy is to know how to handle our body/emotions/mind. In my opinion this is the most important sadhana you can do right know apart of what you are going to do materially with your life. 

  12. Buy the "Inner Engeeniering " book of Sadhguru. The you can find a good introduction  of what yoga is and what it's not so that you can clear all your doubts about it. 

    If you want the practical part I would suggest you the Inner Engeniering Program  total. There you can taste what real yoga can do, not the superficial yoga studios in California.

    You can find this programs all over the world .


  13. On 10/17/2019 at 5:05 PM, Serotoninluv said:

    @Giulio Bevilacqua What is there to trust or distrust about a feeling? A feeling is a feeling. It is actual. It seems like you are asking whether to trust the thought story of meaning related to the feeling. 

    If we take the example of making decisions. You follow something (could be thought,emotions,sensations) and you trust them so to speak. 

  14. 16 minutes ago, Waken said:

    Maybe this helps. In the book Conversations with God part 2, there is a part about real and false feelings. Real feelings here are 'the language of the soul', can be trusted and represent what's true for you. False feelings are 'thoughts masquerading as feelings'.

    Copied part from Conversations with God. You can find more context if you search for it online:
    You have all said things—ugly things—only to discover that, once having been said, they no longer feel “true.” You have all expressed feelings—from fear to anger to rage—only to discover that, once having been expressed, they no longer reveal how you really feel.

    In this way, feelings can be tricky. Feelings are the language of the soul, but you must make sure you are listening to your true feelings and not some counterfeit model constructed in your mind.

    Oh, man, so now I can’t even trust my feelings. Great! I thought that was the way to truth! I thought that was what You were teaching me.

    It is. I am. But listen, because it is more complex than you now understand. Some feelings are true feelings—that is, feelings born in the soul—and some feelings are counterfeit feelings. These are constructed in your mind.

    In other words, they are not “feelings” at all—they are thoughts. Thoughts masquerading as feelings. These thoughts are based on your previous experience and on the observed experience of others. You see someone grimace when having a tooth pulled, you grimace when having your tooth pulled. It may not even hurt, but you grimace anyway. Your reaction has nothing to do with reality, only how you perceive reality, based on the experience of others or on something that’s happened to you in the past. The greatest challenge as human beings is to Be Here Now, to stop making things up! Stop creating thoughts about a pre-sent moment (a moment you “sent” yourself before you had a thought about it). Be in the moment. Remember, you sent your Self this moment as a gift. The moment contained the seed of a tremendous truth. It is a truth you wished to remember. Yet when the moment arrived, you immediately began constructing thoughts about it. Instead of being in the moment, you stood outside the moment and judged it. Then you re-acted. That is, you acted as you did once before.

    Such beautiful words 

  15. I would suggest a great empowerment. Inner Engeeniering program  by Sadhguru. This programs are all over the world. This will boost your body energies to high states. Lot of things will fall in place by it self. 

    If you are not familiar with IE you can buy his book "IE a inner guidance to joy"  obviously it is not the same as the full program.