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  1. Hi i would like to know if someone could explain me how to cut the root of a frequent thought that appears in my daily life . It limits a lot of things that I want to do . Some techniques may be : Awareness of the thought and letting it go -Accepting the thought - Not identifying with it - mindfulness meditation Any suggestions?
  2. Good morning all. I have seen that many are going through a kundalini awakening. It can be hard and difficult. So in the last period I have gathered some infos about this topic and methods that could help. Hakuin Butter Method: Tara Springett book: Healing Kundalini Syndrome I Chi Kung Institute has trained teachers that are dealing with kundalini syndrome, from the recensions of the people it seems that they have obtained great results. : Check also Igor Kufayev on YouTube he has a lot of stuff for kundalini awakening. Master Mantak Chia with the Microcosmic Orbit. Sky Yoga centers by Krish Murali Eswar. Also on YouTube. We have to brig balance into the energetic system so that we can cope with this process with more clarity and understanding. There are thousands of aspects to be considered, you can not just surrender it will not work. Or maybe it will take a life time of struggle. Thank you hope you get some guidance and help.
  3. Hi all. I'm experiencing a Kundalini awakening symptomes and i would like to know how to handle it the best way possbile. I've have been on seemen retention probably for 5 or 4 months, i did not have the desire for sexual interaction or masturbation, it was quite natural. Along with this i practiced my daily Qi Gong and Tai chi and was getting every day batter at it. Two months ago i started to feel heavy blocks inside my stomach like a big rock. Today if i just relax i go into shakings, my hole body shakes trying to break this passages. My life is very confused like hell. I was practicing music very good for my academia but now it is so meaningless and do not have the desire to go foward with it. Other aspects are that cravings has grown so much things that were never there like food. I could eat the hole day without feeling the sense of fullness, obviously i do not do that, but the amount of food is grown too much. The main problem is the stomach, it is full of micro psychological tensions that create this ball. The digestion is not good, i burp very often amount of air, and my excrement do not flow properly. I found a method to release the tensions but i do not know if it is too safe, i'm scared that it releases too much energy. It consist in willingly contracting the tensions and then suddely relax, i think it's what in Yoga is called Bandha. Along with all this stuff, i feel an empty silence field that is very much often there all the day, it is not blissful or loving or peaceful, it is just what it is , not good or bad. Have some of you gone trough something similar to this ? Thank you. Giulio
  4. You know what ? It could be too simplistic and foolish, but extremely difficult for our egoic mind to understand. We have just to allow the fucking shaking and nothing else. There is so much resistance and judgment “this is wrong” “this should not be so” “I’m mad” why the fuck is our society so nevrotic. When i shake I just fell much more better and clearer than before but there is always a fear of allowing things to unfold. Most of the umans on earth are schizophrenic, really, and they think they are normal.
  5. @iTommy That’s so nice from you. Thank you so much
  6. @Salvijus Thank you for your loving comment. It can be very scary sometimes.
  7. @GreenLight Yes, i have seen that if you want to release you have just to want it and it collapses immediatelly. Takes courage or a lot of pain ahahaha
  8. Hi, i realized that i have a lot of interests. I know i have a lot of potentialities at the same level in many fields . This creates much confusion ! I discrovered this term " MULTIPONTENTIALITE" in a TED Talk, it was very reassuring. My interests goes from Antropology , Pscyhology , Plants . I'm also a drummer in a semi professional band . I like everything . I would like to find the method to create a daily routine where you can work on each field. But i have some doubts . Do you think it is a wate of time ? Or could it be a good life style and possibile to gather all fields ? Osho gives a very cool education system that i share a lot. I think that every one should have different section in his life . One expressive (art,music ...) Knowledge ( History, Science...) Body ( Yoga, Tai Chi ..) Spirituality( Meditation, Enlightenment) . Thank you !
  9. Why does your spiritual growth affect your music tastes ? The more my ego is disappearing and the more I can not stand the "normal " music. I am not more attracted by it. I'm facing a weird situation. Because I was planning to study music this year, and this lack of drawning is causing some worry. I play drums and it is just not more stimulating now. I think that the energies are going a lot inward in this period. Maybe it is just a recharge of energy for then to be expressed. What are your thoughts about it ?
  10. And how did you figured it out? Do you still play ?
  11. No, i'm still absorbing what has been written by all of you and trying to understand your words deeper than a first intellectual reading. In my point of view, music during meditation should be avoided for the simple fact that you can be distracted or being too much influenced by the frequencies. I think silence is a must for meditation.
  12. I know what you mean. The more you do not know and the more you do not fit into the "normal" social structures. I have experienced this and it can be very uncomfortable relating to other people especially your parents. But it is a question of gut. Go fully trough it, if you can do it joyfully it's much better. This would not be a great problem if you where living alone on this planet, the root cause are all the dynamics with society and people around you, but it depends on how you are going to respond to this.
  13. What is wrong with not knowing ? Do not make not knowing a form of negativity.
  14. Qi Gong, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Yoga Hatha/Kriya are perfect for activation of subtle energy points and gates. The rest of activities are good for general basic health.
  15. Can you still enjoying having sex or pursuing a career of art or business ?
  16. Evryone is unconsciously or consciously trying to achieve enlightenment. All the people wants the same thing, but lots of one goes by instalments
  17. Hi. I'm experiencing a crucial moment in my life with lots of decisions. I'm thinking to study at university to have a cultural and education basis for my self . I would like to study Antropology/Religions/Oriental civilizations. There are a lot of courses like Indian Philosophies/Western Philosophy/ Chinese Japanese History , modern History , And the literatures of the East Like Turkey or South America. Also Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and so on . And you have also to learn a foreign leanguage like Sanskrit . I have a little fear that all this knowledge will influence in some way my Spiritual journey, maybe too much theoretical stuff in my mind. The university is 3 Year long. Another point is that I have to spent 1 and half hour in train to reach university. If I go there I'll finish when I'm 23 years old, so maybe after I could also focus on other things. What do you think ?
  18. Hello everyone. I'm facing an obstacle during my consciousness path, it regards people around me. The more I become conscious the more others are irritated by me. I really feel to be my self, I do not talk to much, only when I feel it is necessary and spontaneous. When I listen to people most of the time I'm empty inside my self and others perceive as if I I'm not listening to them. My mother got very angry and aggressive for my behaviours she says I'm like a ghost. This makes me feel uncomfortable because I do not want to make then feel such feelings or ideas but at the same time I do not want to loose my presence awareness. Most of the people sees my like a weird and strange one. How could I balance such a situation ?
  19. On an existential level I haven't found a meaning/purpose in life. When It comes to social "individual" beings things get more complicated. So many people are stuck in this endless loop of "what is my purpose in life ? " The first one is to be alive and experience life day by day, but of course we have to perform some activities in our social life. Here comes the problem, "what should I choose , what should I do ? " Many are choosing blindly without any sense of Inner awareness, they are compulsive. Others choose things that they are good at, talent,passion and so on. The rest of the people are scratching their heads to figure out what they want to do in their lifes. The main problem in my opinion about the idea of Life Purpose is that we think something is better than something else, you make a comparison and so a distortion of Life. For example : Cooking and Painting . I do not know which one to choose . I love both. In a bigger wiew they are the same, there is no difference, only because we think on is better than the other we get stuck and confused. Preference always refers to our conditioned personality, we are not more able to enjoy whatever comes our way, because our egoic likes and dislikes have distorted reality. If I choose cooking and get absolutley involved with it where is the problem ? If I choose painting and get absolutely involved with it where is the problem ? The content of the activities are different but the Inner experience is the same . Of course we need to look at what we are good and what out capabilities are best at. I'm not saying that this is thruth. It is a just a reasoning that I've build in these days. Please tell me what is your opinion about. Sorry for my English I tried my best.
  20. Look in your email . Unwanted emails
  21. Very interesting how many techniques there are. Useful for daily practice everywhere evrymoment
  22. I have always enjoyed and felt a deep love in helping others, especially trough talking. I would like to create my life purpose around this. Helping others in some way. The most beautiful dream is to be a spiritual teacher, but that requires a deep realization inside yourself in my opinion and it is not something that you can strive to become. Other ways would be to be a therapist, but here in Italy you have to go trough an endless process of academic formation . 5 years in university and other 8 to become a therapist. And the idea to study academic psychology seems very hard if you have got some spiritual realizations. An other way I thought is though Yoga maybe I can combine it with something else, writing books and so on. I really enjoy teaching and helping so this could be a good point. What do you think , are there some other ways ? Thank you
  23. Most of the spiritual teachings (if not all) says that we are not the body. I can I understand that I am not my thoughts because I can clearly see that they are only accumulated stuff from external situations. But how with the body ? Many says that it is an accumulation of food that I have gathered with time. My mind tries do understand how I can not be the body and I think the problem here is the limit of my logic. So how to go foward ? I mean how can I not be the body ? Why should I not be the body ? If I'm not the body I do not exist but I feel that I exist
  24. This leads me only to a conceptual belief . God is just a word for me, in this stage.