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  1. Hey guys, After lots of self - destructive mindsets and patterns I've accumulated trying to loose weight and find health and happiness, I FINALLY feel ready to break myself free from that. It took me quite long to peel off layers and layers and layers of self-destructive mindsets which have been buried into my subconscious and out of my sight for years. I've managed that through awareness, meditation and ofc Leo's videos <3 I got introduces with longevity lifestyle through some articles, but with SOO MUCH information, I don't know what to choose to start and which guidelines to follow. Do you have any book recommendations or online courses that you liked on the topic of longevity, rejuvenation and reversing aging? Can you describe/summarize them just so that I can get an insight into the content? Of course I want to read the full book or go through the full course, not just the summary I have my purpose now thanks to Leos course, and I am inspired to stay here for a looong time, with an optimal healthy body and mind. Thank you!