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  1. 1 hour ago, Nirvanalight said:

    I would also say that Hitler wasn't really that evil. The man was full off hatred though, and people who have a lot off hatred inside are dangerous. 
    That said I do wonder if karma is a thing and if we have to 'pay' for our sins after we die. Like you said, what will happen to those who have and will create enormous suffering in this world. 
    @Tanz There are people who torture and murder kids, how can you love that part of yourself?

    @non_nothing How did Hilter not cause any suffering?


    Don't ask me. It's your opinion. You gotta tell me how if he did

  2. Simply tell her your feelings as you told here, and tell how you feel about she telling you wanting your attention makes you stressed. Also you can be more creative about finding a solution to that. Arrange something romantic and just let her see that you give her attention, like you'd do, I don't know, close lights and cuddle together while you're doing your work and let her watch your work etc..

  3. It never gotten any better. Back again where I start always. Or worse more back. I don't know what I want from this life. I've tried everything to battle. I bet I tried everything you'll say as suggestion in this thread already. I hate myself. Never loved mysself. I have defeated in every aspect and every form in this life. Now this stresss I had for years started to take toll over my body physically. Now I suffer every kind of pain, neck pain, body pain, shoulder pain, headache. Days are always in pain. Far worse is being a man. Nobody cares about you. We're doomed to suffer then die. No friends no one says hi no nothing fuck, I seriously need to disappear from this world in an instant. Why do I even write this post? It won't change anything. "Yeah" "Sorry" "Try this" "That" "No" "Yes" "You're wrong" "You're right" Makes no fucking sense. Will just Keep my mind busy.

  4. I will watch this thread since it reasonated with me very well. I had this since I am child. People around me and neighbors used to say this "You're really smart but you get bored so quick of stuff". To "OP": I had something going consistent like going to gym. Why: Because I liked it and all the struggle you receive at gym makes me feel excited. I feel good after exercising. I can't say I have anything else. Maybe meditation went for long like years but not consistent as this one.

  5. On 9/5/2019 at 5:28 AM, brugluiz said:

    What I can say is: "take it easy. Few people on this world are truly happy. You're not alone."

    I don't consider myself overly happy, but I had worst days where I didn't talk to anyone. Feeling my emotions helped me a lot, because I can feel the contrast of life. Anyway, I still feel the horizon is far away.

    Edit: why being unhappy is so bad?

    I now consider happyness is yet another delusion of ego. What is happiness really? I think that is a shadow casted by ego. To make one feel that happiness is somewhere out there. Then you seek for it. Which is this key point right here. You start to seek for it. Now it all begins at this key point.

    I have thought it a lot and i concluded that if I feel this unhappiness feeling within, thus everyone has that. My "imaginary" happy people out there have this too. Nobody can escape this feeling. I don't think so. Nor enlightenment or enlightened people. Whoever say the opposite, they are delusional.

  6. On 8/19/2019 at 6:55 PM, Michael569 said:

    @non_nothing do you think fixing any of the "no's" could help? 

    Fixing my wage slavery would help. But I am feel very unsafe about taking a leap towards quitting my job. Therefore thinking about this fact already establishes a lot suffering in my mind.


    On 8/19/2019 at 7:18 PM, Nahm said:

    That is no small thing to be able to say.  There was a time when you weren’t able to say that. You did that. You made that change, made it happen. You can make other things happen, you can make anything happen. Sometimes it’s good to have some help too. Sometimes just having someone around, someone who listens, someone genuine, can change everything. Different ‘stuff’ arises with such a person, in such a communion if you will. 

    That’s a great fortune in imo. Also imo, you’re in luck, cause that’s all you need. I’m no fan of dogma, but wisdom is irresistible ....

    “Again, I tell you truly that if two of you on the earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you in heaven. For wherever two or three gather together in My name, there am I with them.”

    Some times we just can’t see what is closest, and we can get ‘stuck’ for a long time.  We’re not meant to bear such burdens for so long. Consider, to bear, is to hold weight, such as how the functionality of ball bearings, is essentially, weight-bearing. So consider no longer bearing it, but rather, beginning to bare it. Shedding it, via vulnerability, talking about it, sharing and discovering a new perspective, and a new feeling. 

    You, your friend, and a dry erase board with “what do I really want?” on it - and the magic is indeed there. Don’t bear it man, bare it. You’re just too good to be down like this. 

    This non vanishing stress of mine throughout the years have had damage over me. I cannot understand. I read again and again. Cannot make sense. I feel completely lost

  7. 24 minutes ago, Michael569 said:

    Seems like there is a loose brick in your Maslow's pyramid. Even though you have climbed o the highest point, there is something in the basics that is jeopardizing the integrity of the whole structure. 

    What is it? 

    • Do you have a purpose / fulfilling career? Do you have something that you deeply care about? 
    • Purpose=No, job=yes, can i see it as a career path=no, anyhow fulfilling=none
    • Are you making any contribution to the world and people? 
    • no and no. i dont really care about others
    • Are you loved? Do you have someone to love? 
    • no. no
    • Do you have a social circle? 
    • no only one genuine friend
    • Do you have any health issues? Nutritional imbalances causing a havoc of various neurotransmitters causing lack of interest and depressing thoughts? Perhaps severe adrenal fatigue? 
    • i am healthy. i do workout, have been for 6+years consistently
    • Are you happy where you live? Do you live in a disruption-free environment? Pollution, excessive EMF from surrounding wifis, noise, too much light at night could all mess up with your brain's capacity to produce important stimulating chemicals that drive desire and creativity
    • 1) no, 2) no
    • Do you have a satisfying sex life? 
    • no


  8. 27 minutes ago, Nahm said:

    This is not to be solved.

    This is to be let go.

    YOU ARE GOOD my friend, and you will see. WE ARE GOOD. 

    Happiness is not achievable. 

    The “Cosmic Joke”

    You Are IT! 

    Take ownership of the choosing of thoughts which do not feel good.

    Start choosing thoughts which feel good.

    They don’t feel the sensations you do for the thoughts you choose. 


    Just a few notes for myself



    Okay I will let go of every thought or opinion that I held against anybody. I foresee this has tremendous power when one become nobody for others. If there to point out the best of best one sentence in your whole post that would be this.

  9. 27 minutes ago, Nahm said:

    This is not to be solved.

    This is to be let go.

    YOU ARE GOOD my friend, and you will see. WE ARE GOOD. 

    Happiness is not achievable. 

    The “Cosmic Joke”

    You Are IT! 

    Take ownership of the choosing of thoughts which do not feel good.

    Start choosing thoughts which feel good.



  10. 2 minutes ago, Natasha said:

    You're identifying with what Eckhart Tolle calls "the pain body" (whether it's emotional, psychological, or physical). You can learn to detach from it if you can't transcend it yet. He has an extensive library of videos on YouTube devoted to pain body. I'd highly recommend you to look them up.

    Okay I will look for it

  11. 11 hours ago, Natasha said:

    @non_nothing Get enlightened, the end of suffering. There is no 'you' to be unhappy.

    Either I don't get this, OR, the enlightened people is delusional. There's for sure something that FEELS. It is not really important who really I am, whether I am thoughts, I am my feelings that come and go. It doesn't matter. The real absolute truth is that I feel the sadness, whatever word you want to call it, thought or sadness, there's for sure something that I feel that is unpleasant, therefore It exists.

    If I slit a razor on any of enlightened person's skin, won't s/he feel it? It doesn't prove that they don't feel it if they don't react to it. React is something different.


    13 hours ago, MuddyBoots said:

    Isn't it worth pursuing happiness, or at least to heal your unhappiness? There's no easy quick fix, but when you look at life closely, the smile on a baby's face, a butterfly in the garden, the feel of sunshine on your face, is it really all delusion?


    Tell me how and I evaluate


    9 hours ago, ChrisZoZo said:

    You are unhappy? Maybe its because you want to be 



     Are you suffering? because as ramya krishna say's "you are not experiencing suffering you are suffering your experiencing" 


    Are your thoughts making you depressed? Because you give them power when they have none.


    Do you feel like it absolutely impossible to get rid of your depression then this is my trump card to you. 



    It turned out that I had watched those already.. I will watch these again


    1 hour ago, MuddyBoots said:

    Before all this spiritual stuff, the first thing is to find out if you've got a medical issue like depression. Our mental health is more important than "enlightenment". You say you've been unhappy for years, are you already getting professional help? Please don't struggle on by yourself when there's help available.

    I tried it a lot of time but it doesn't seem to progress where I live. They're not genuine people.

  12. I cannot solve this for quite a long time. Cannot find a way out of this. Years and years I am unsatisfied and unhappy. Every other act turns out not working towards good. I have no desire to pursue anything. I am perfectly fine with death. I don't seem to find anything that I want from this life. Everything looks like delusion and illusion. Every person looks delusional to me.

  13. On 7/26/2019 at 3:32 PM, kag101 said:


    Stop seeing the ego as an enemy. The more you fight it, the stronger it becomes. It is just like walking a dog: the more you push it, the more it pushes you back. 

    Wanna hear a real action that could produce massive results?

    I tried to living a life without any identity. This becomes so painful after literally taking non of any actions. Watching the life unfolds. But within my experience I have found this silly. The logical statement of push-pull and resistance sounds logical. But in practice, that I find is deeper than that. Or I couldn't find out a way of that even in the first place, who knows. These all tricky.


    > Wanna hear a real action that could produce massive results?

    Catchy, who wouldn't