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  1. Hello! I've been meditating for nearly 2 years now, mainly using the Do Nothing technique. I've also started doing some Contemplation recently, mainly using the question "What is awareness?" Twice recently, I've had interesting experiences while in the middle of Do Nothing, but I'm not sure if they are valuable or of they are just tricks of the mind. In both cases my mind was wandering, and came to saying certain sentences that seemed to trigger the experience. In one case it was "There is no me to be aware" or something similar. I've no idea the validity/relevance of the sentences, but they triggered the experience. After this I got a rush of energy that felt similar to having an insight about a problem, followed by what felt like my eyes widening, or being much more present in the moment than I would be usually. So I suppose my question is just if these experiences are valuable, and signs that I'm on the right path, or if they are just tricks. I'd appreciate any answers, thanks!