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  1. If you were blue or below, or even straight-up orange, it seems unlikely that you'd be taking Actualized.org as seriously as you appear to be taking it. If you were turquoise or straight-up yellow, it seems unlikely that you'd be asking the question.

    As an estimate, I'd therefore go for green, probably with elements of orange as western culture leans so far that way, possibly some yellow.

    I think that what a person does for their occupation and their interests outside of work are a strong indicator of what stage they're at, regardless of what they self-report. People are complicated "things" though and you may have aspects or qualities that a simple analysis would overlook.

    Please take my response with a pinch of salt. There's plenty of truth in what the other replies are saying about working it out for yourself.

  2. I had to reach a point where I really needed it before I seriously considered seeing a therapist but once I did, I actually enjoyed it and carried on long after "needing" to.

    Being able to talk "honestly without being judged" was a unique and, I feel, potentially, a useful experience. I saw a psychodynamic therapist.

    I see the quality of the dialogue in the sessions as a model for human interaction.

    I'd find it hard to pin down the details or benefits with any degree of certainty although I could create a speculative list.

    It cost an arm and a leg, so to speak; the UK health service tends to prefer CBT or pills to long-term talk therapy for patients with diagnosed conditions let alone those who feel like continuing the sessions without one.

    I attended weekly for two years before reaching a point where I felt like I had run out of things to talk about.

    Don't expect your friends and family, or really anyone else for that matter, to be supportive. Even some therapists don't believe long-term talk therapy is beneficial.

  3. I would echo what Tanz is saying, I like Tyson's passionate communication and genuine enthusiasm within his domain.

    I think it's interesting that even hardcore materialists tend to agree that "information" exists.

    As people, can we appreciate scientific innovation for its contributions toward our wellbeing, as well as making fun of it?

  4. I like the idea of Leo touching or interacting with certain other people with his work.

    I suppose a person could share a video with an expert if they had already identified how it could be relevant and anticipated, reasonably, that the expert could be open to it.

    I suppose emailing it to experts en masse could be risky as most of them would probably dismiss it as nonsense or uninteresting. To find truth, one has only to seek it. Yet if one does not seek it, the truth could be right in one's face and one would not see it. 

    We're not missionaries. How many of us have even had direct experience of Leo's insights sufficient to be on board with them, let alone share them?  

    Most importantly, Leo would have to approve of how his content is distributed. I expect he would rather it not be "cold-emailed" out to experts in various fields although you would need to ask him that question. He may respond here.

    I'd love to see Leo himself interact with others, e.g. (I know everyone says it) someone like Joe Rogan although of course this is also up to Leo.

  5. People shoot the messenger because they've thus far been able to survive "successfully" enough (or haven't yet realised otherwise) while working with a blunt axe.

    "My axe is blunt? No it isn't! YOUR axe is blunt! Look how many trees I chopped down. Obviously some of them had animals in them; nobody's perfect. Well how many trees did YOU chop down?  You'll never chop down as many trees as me. Besides mine's bigger anyway. I don't care, I know I'm right. It doesn't matter anyway. Plus I'm too busy to think about this right now. Let's agree to disagree... ~walks away~ ... stupid messenger..."

  6. I feel like a fair few people consider science to be more "real" than what gets referred to as "paranormal" because sometimes science can seemingly be reliably used to predict outcomes. e.g. believing a vaccination can prevent polio works, whereas believing an exorcism can prevent it doesn't work.

    To use an analogy, in a videogame, some items might make Mario stronger, whereas some items might be redundant or harm Mario. When Mario gets an item that predictably helps him, he thinks "hooray, I got a real item". However what Mario doesn't realise is it's all made of the same code.

    Or something.

  7. People in general are amazingly good at convincing themselves of all kinds of things.

    I like to think Leo sets out to share insights passionately rather than trying to convince people of things.

    I guess it's possible that despite his best intentions, some people will still convince themselves of things. Me included, I'm sure.

    Fortunately, the videos are peppered with caveats and warnings not to become convinced but to try things for ourselves.

    By including such warnings, Leo is communicating responsibly.

  8. The folders go on the shelf because that's their home. That's where we like them to be. We take one, we use it, we put it back.

    At the weekend, we look around the room. We ask, is it tidy? Is it clean? Just like we clean ourselves in the shower, we must remember to clean the shower too!

    When we get home, we ask, have I bought anything? Do I need to put it somewhere?

    When we have time off work, do we have a "spring clean?" Do we sort through old drawers and boxes and clothes?

    At work, is our desk tidy? Do we know what's in our pockets? Do we know the contents of our wardrobe? Our glovebox? Our bank account? Our mind? Are our thoughts in order? Are our relationships in order?

    Where could we start? What's realistic? What's the smallest change that we could be grateful for?


    Ultimately I don't know enough enlightened heroin addicts to give a reliable answer but thought I'd play with the question a bit.

    If the addict declined the heroin, would it prove that they weren't addicted in the first place? Similarly, if the enlightened person took it, would it prove that they weren't enlightened in the first place? Maybe it depends on our definitions.

    If we define addiction as "inability to avoid something" and enlightenment as "awakened but might still have some addictions", then maybe we get one answer.

    If we define addiction as "tendency not to avoid something but might still be able to avoid it if lucky/determined etc." and enlightenment as "grasps the true self to the extent that extreme desire and physical needs are largely mastered" then maybe we get another answer.

    A key part seems to be "in the room" as I assume most people who successfully cease heroin consumption aren't locked in a room with it.

    I thought it was a nice question by the way. I hope the mods don't get a hold of it and lock it because it's not directly relevant to the average person's immediate personal development. Half the fun of learning is getting to ponder the unusual and quirky things that most people don't normally consider or pay attention to. This is partly why I like Actualized.org.


  10. "I'm sorry Winterknight, my experience doesn't seem to match with what you're saying. As creator of this forum and its related content, I must direct its purpose and the truth from which that purpose derives, as I see it. I hope you understand. I'd really love it if you could remain here and continue to help others as you have been doing such a great job of so far.

    I'm sure there are many benefits to psychotherapy and indeed violin lessons. I do have a strong focus on psychedelics and who knows, maybe I will become delusional and psychotic. Such is sometimes the fate of the pioneer. Nobody knows the long-term effects of 5Meo. But I do feel as though being that pioneer is my path and so it too becomes a focus here on this forum.

    There will be other forums where psychotherapy is discussed. We could even set up a thread if you like as I like to include all the aspects of personal and spiritual development that I can. In fact I'd really like it if you could be a part of that. If you would like to. I know that I personally could learn a thing or two from you. I saw a couple of the videos that you made on YouTube and thought they were great. I would be glad to have further discussions with you about my experience with psychedelics too, if it's something that you're interested in."