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  1. 1 hour ago, Rilles said:

    This a forum for Self-Actualization... not politics... 

    If the question had been purely politics, I don't think it'd be appropriate. As it's asked in terms of spiral evolution, it seems OK.

    Theresa May's leaving comments show inauthenticity. She doesn't actually agree with Brexit yet her primary focus was to deliver it. Why? 

    For the power of being PM? Maybe. To save face for the party? Maybe. These are quite egoic reasons. The vote itself was a political bluff which backfired. The politicians only respect the public when it suits them. Maybe there are flavours of red here as Leo observed about Trump.

    I guess most remainers have the basic orange mindset that we don't need that economic uncertainty when we're due a recession, especially given London's role as a global financial services centre.

  2. Leo can shove as much 5meo up his ass as he likes.

    We all love him for who he is anyway. We don't care if he's enlightened or not enlightened or God or a guy in an apartment in Las Vegas.

    Actualized.org is my number one favourite YouTube channel. There's nothing else like it and I can't imagine anyone could do a better job of it than Leo.

    If he wants to leave it behind or change it that's OK too. I can't wait to see what he does.

    My hope is that he is happy, healthy and balanced and if I can continue watching and trying to learn from him, then I feel very lucky.

  3. I love how Sadhguru is chill and gives guru-like answers to questions.

    He's a cool dude alright. Especially when he dons the shades.

    By the way, on Friday, Sadhguru appeared on London Real, which has the same number of subscribers as Actualized.org.

    I made a daft comment recently about how I wasn't sure if Leo was famous enough to go on Joe Rogan. I take that back. Having actually checked the views his videos get, I'd say he's easily famous enough.

    I'd love to see Leo talking to Sadhguru or Joe Rogan.

  4. From a sort of human concepts standpoint, I suppose we created the idea of time to make and share distinctions relating to things that benefited and threatened us.

    Because the parts of us that feel threatened are the parts of the infinite universe that happen to be concerned with their own survival. Because within infinity exists every finitude.

    And occasionally a sandcastle becomes particularly conscious of itself as sand rather than as a sandcastle.

    And then someone replies that there isn't any sand.


  5. When a movie is played on an old film reel and projector, it looks like characters and objects are moving and being created and getting blown up and stuff within the film and your mind buys this (well, enough to be entertained by it).

    But the film reel and the images on it don't actually change at all and nothing is created. It's an illusion created by the mind not being able to completely distinguish one frame from the next (as well as other things).





  6. If a person is experiencing depression, it can be useful for them to tell others about it. The most efficient way of doing this is to have a word for it.

    If the person realises that they're identifying too strongly with the depression, using it as an excuse, or using the word even though they don't feel that way any more, then I agree that it might be useful to reduce usage of the word.

    In recent years, my usage of the words "should" and "just" has reduced.

  7. I really think Leo's experience of psychedelics and the breadth of his self-help knowledge would make him an interesting and worthwhile person for Joe Rogan to meet and talk to. I think Joe's audience would be interested in Leo for these reasons and I suspect that Leo would relish the opportunity, both for his own development and the benefit of any viewers.

    I don't know if Leo is famous or successful enough to appear on the podcast at this current point in time although don't quote me on that, he may be.

    Leo is actually very good at talking clearly and engagingly in front of a camera (in case you hadn't noticed :P). He has also taken part in interviews before, which can be found on YouTube.

    It has felt like the wind might be changing for Leo lately in some way. I don't know exactly what the means yet. I wonder if one possibility is that we'll see him mixing with others more in some capacity.

    If Leo were to appear on a few more podcasts in the short to medium term, it might help to gear him up to appear on something like Rogan in the future, by helping to demonstrate public demand to hear more from Leo as a prominent figure and expert on Self Actualization work.

    Leo must do what he feels is right, of course :)

  8. My humble impression is that Leo has had "enlightened as fuck" experiences, probably deeper than anyone I'll meet in my lifetime.

    However perhaps on Leo's average day with no DMT etc. he might not consider himself "enlightened" yet.

    Or he might be, I don't know.

    He seems very wise and accomplished and makes great content and I'm sure if he's not already "enlightened", he will be someday.

    Please forgive me for making any unnecessary or untrue distinctions here in this post.

  9. When you desire something and you're working towards it, it's useful to have a compelling vision that you really believe might be achievable because you're going to encounter unforeseen obstacles and without the appeal of the vision, you've got no reason to persevere. Unless you enjoy the climb, which is also possible.

    This does not mean you delude yourself into believing you can't fail or that you go around telling people how great you are before you've actually achieved anything. :) 

    I expect being overly confident and deluded can sometimes be helpful, particularly if you're hard-working but I'm not a fan of that kind of approach. It doesn't seem very true.

  10. I would ask how things went from "normal" to "super shit"; like, what factors were involved in that change?

    Also, I'm sending you bro hugs man, depression is horrible.

    I personally haven't ever put in enough work to accomplish something big like financial independence. Over the last few years, my income has gone down and so have my stress levels. My happiness has gone up. I never threw myself into SA in a heavy way, I just watch the vids, reflect, journal, make small changes here and there.

  11. To JP's credit, his ability to call out green when it blindly wanders too far, like with Bill C16 and the whole Cathy Newman interview, is useful.

    JP's unlikely to win a prize for helping the economy or the environment. But if we put a foot wrong in doing so, we can count on him to squawk about it.