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  1. I clicked on the first mini-article on the actualized blog about Daniel when he posted it.
    I got exactly what Leo promised... a Triple-A level systems thinker that is so unbelievably smart and clever and also aware of his bias and cognitive traps and also aware of his ethical footprint in a way that i hadn't seen yet before.
    So, first i would suggest you to check him out if you hadn't yet. There are about a dozen of video with him on youtube, some of them have already being shared on the actualized blog.
    Also, i would like to see him more engaged on youtube, at least in the IDW and communities alike. If @Leo Gura, that seemed to be a fan of him as well, wants to inverview him and can manage to bring him on the channel, that would be fucking awesome.

  2. In this days i'm using marjiuana as a tool for enhancing meditation.
    I've found it to be very useful in order to release emotional blockages.
    I was playing around with the idea of starting using psychedelics, but i was not so sure if i was ready to handle such a powerful tool like shrooms or lsd. So, i started small with regular marjiuana and i found that, if it's used in the right context and the desire to grow, can be a good catalyzer.
    At the same time, i've experienced waves of paranoia, fear of insanity, fear of being ENORMOUSLY deluded and  deep confusion. And even tho all this things are difficult to handle, i see an overall improvement of my emotions, my meditation ability and peace.
    Is, in your opinion, marjiuana a valid tool? Has anyone used for this purposes? what's your experiences with that?
    And also, how should i interpret my symptoms?

    Let me know! :D