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  1. I try to meditate with my eyes open, so that I can keep myself alert and awake. But one thing I realised is that my view is just a wall, a blank space, and boring. To some people, this is good since it doesn't distract you but it makes me feel like I am trying to meditate, rather than just meditating and we all know how it feels to "try" to meditate.

    So I changed my normal routine

    IMAGES! Beautiful images of mountains, lakes, of nature in general. It's not intended to distract you from meditating but it's actually much easier to stare at nature than a wall. It's easier to get lost in an image!

    Getting lost in meditation is the key!

     But I wouldn't recommend a slideshow or anything like that, since that can be distracting. Only an image you can just look at for hours on end, and not get bored. 

    This is the image i meditate tomountain-wallpapers-for-android-For-Desktop-Wallpaper.jpg

    It may be fake, or photoshopped but my God, it's beautiful. It really does silence your mind when you get into the staring. I use my laptop, put it right infront of me and just look at the nature.

    What do you guys think?

  2. You need a life purpose, something to thrive for. This should make you more passionate so you won't get any feelings of pointlessness. The authentic self will occur when you find your life purpose as well :)

    A purpose that you will not regret, and every action/thought/thing you take is a step to that purpose :o 

    To find your life purpose... There are many activities, techniques and actions to do, here are some

    Visualisation everyday, like 5-10 mins, create mental pictures of how you want your life to go, picture all the things you want, the houses, the relationships, the boats, everything. Really exaggerate as well, because nothing is impossible since you have such potential 

    Find a career that you are happy with and will benefit the world. Think about how much you want to help the world and you can do that via your career. You can contemplate on how you want to benefit the world, and contemplate what type of job you want to do, this can be combined with your journalling

    Research more into life purpose, either by Leo's videos or other sources

    Your friend is right, but you need to do it everyday!




  3. Yeah, your brain does all of this. You can be aware of all the actions, all of the thoughts, all of the chemicals like dopamine. You are literally aware of all of this but you can't control anything. The awareness can't stop anything. The soul can't stop anything but watch...

    But one thing the awareness/soul can do is give hope and love. It can tell you "Stop fucking doing that" and it is by hardwork, heavy reprogramming of your brain and determination that will lead you to general fulfillment in life and neutrality.

    Awareness tells you what to do, and that is the soul.

  4. I would make an emotional journal. Every hour, just write down how you're feeling. Do this for a week, and you realise how emotional you truly are. You just don't realise it because you're in "moments".

    One day you're feeling happy, the next sad, but the happy day you was once feeling is most likely to disappear because of moments.

    Do the journalling. Write down every emotion every hour, sad? happy? hungry? regret? depressed? fulfilled? These types of stuff. It should open your eyes because not only you can remember how you felt, but also, you're putting more awareness onto the emotion and you can really soak it up


  5. @exhale Hey man, you gotta ask questions. You gotta say "why why why", so don't feel bad. You gotta question your entire reality and perception to because you know, we're trying to figure out our ENTIRE EXISTENCE! Question literally everything, because that's the best way to not get sucked into ideologies. 

    But be open minded, it's the most important thing

    All is infinite could mean all ideologies are equal and are the same. They come from the same place... Ego. So I say it's not really an ideology, because it means all ideologies and reality are in oneness so it's all the same, but it's not like you can be a christian and a muslim at the same time... You gotta be all things, christian, jewish, muslim, and so on. that's only my opinion, and you can disagree with that too! But to an extent, that is kinda of an ideology, because it's a belief, value and theory that reality is all infinite, when it could easily not be as @Caterpillar said, so you're right in saying that and I see where you're coming from.

    Paint a beautiful picture of a mountain on a paper, and you call it a painting. The mountain could have different flush of colours like red, blue or green. It could have immense detail and it could have many objects like trees. You can say these are assignments and ideologies but... If you just remove the colours, remove the detail, remove the mountain, remove the objects, remove the assignments... You just get the paper and that's it. So the paper must contain all before it became a painting of a mountain. 

    But I'm just saying, if I include all things, I include the whole universe. The painting of the mountain can't be a painting without the colour, the detail, the objects, or everything :P.


  6. @exhale His belief and my belief are all the same. In non-duality, there is no separation from the Truth. God (even if it's Christian) is part of the Truth. All Truth are equal in non-duality. That's how deep this goes, and we have no right to tell that person if they are wrong or right. If you try to convince people of non-duality, you're imposing them because you're trying to get them to understand, and the only way to make them understand is via rationalisation.

    His God is the same as my God. There is no separation in reality :P 

    All is infinite, and this includes the existence of God!

  7. Try to attract them to self-development, like @Harikrishnan said. Maybe not the sexual stuff since he's Christian but something else that attracts him. if he needs something, he will do it. Try to also create or help to produce results in their lives.

    Let them try one self-development trick, and if it produces results, they will be hooked. Literally something like Leo's video on how to be happy or confidence, show them this and tell them to try it out. If it works for them, then they will carry on self-development. It's the most you can do, a video is better to start them off, and then when they have questions, you can answer them. 

    Good thing you're staying away from the enlightenment stuff, that's way too early for him

    One thing that made me get into self-development is results. When I watched Leo's videos, and they actually worked and made sense to me, as well as improved my life, it got me hooked

    @fluidmonolith His wife saw the results. It's what they want! :P 

    Results is what people want, if you can't provide results, they won't understand. Then as time goes on, they will forget about the results and just self-develop for fun. To produce results, tell them what to do, and they will do it IF it works. Try to attract them!!

  8. Create a schedule to discipline yourself. I would just use a timetable app to do what you want to do. At specific times you will drop everything and just do it without any questions or thought. Do this with the vision of bettering your life. Every action you take is an action that is within your vision

    When you don't feel like it, visualize yourself doing it, and then do it. Visualize every single step, like putting on your shoes, getting into the car, driving the to the gym, etc.

     Timetables are a nice way to discipline yourself. Have goals as well, like when doing sports.

  9. By being the person who studies for long hours. By being the success. If you keep thinking that you can't be successful, then you won't be. 

    Keep thinking positively and keep thinking success. Every action you do is in the name of success. Gotta work long hours? Do it because you want to be successful and earn everything you want.

    Do you know why you can be successful? Because "people" have always been successful, and last time you checked, you're part of the people. Your professor is only human, he isn't this amazing person. Sure he worked hard and made something out of nothing and that's what you see as amazement but look, he's just a regular person, just like you. You can do the same, because you're human, just like him and have potential. 

    Difference between a successful person and you is that they have a vision and a purpose. Other than that, there is no other difference (that I can note of). They are human and you are human, nothing is impossible. If they can do it, why can't you, you're a person

  10. I just wanted to share this with people and to get some advice because I'm about to take real actions

    All of a sudden, as I was meditating, I realized how much of masculine energy is built up in me. With the Masculine energy, I became really harsh with myself. I have long hair, but I just want to cut it off now. I have also a beard, but I want to cut it off as well because it doesn't look "manly". I'm a bit chubby and overweight, so now I want to go and become the strongest I can become. I know this will lead to some other serious actions

    This isn't just physical, it's also mentally. I feel like I have so much potential within me, like really getting 100% committed to self-actualization, and I'm talking about 18 hour meditations and 4 hour sleeps... I feel like I need to quit all of this bullshit that I am addicted to, mainly games. I've always played games, and without questions too. I just play without any thought. Now, I just want to stop and become my potential.

    First step, getting a haircut tomorrow and fixing up my style. I want to just cut my hair, and finally don't give a fuck about my looks because that's what alphas do. With long hair, I always messed around with my hair, but now... Cut it off and fucking be a man

    I also want to just go out and do stuff. Really take actions, take walks, take friends outside and get drunk, get extremely "happy" off life.

    Then there is the lazy side of me hehe, but yeah... So much energy but no ways of executing it feels like

    I want some advice though, I feel like I'm making an identity. I feel like this is strongly from the ego, like, cutting my hair? Why should I cut my hair? Why do I want to look manly all of a sudden? If I follow these actions, I feel like it will be a never ending process of pleasing myself and just feeding into the ego...

  11. Stop it, and take a break. Live a little, enjoy eating ice cream, go out and meet people. Work out? Do things that you feel like doing. Get your blood moving. It seems like you've been self-developing so much that you forget to enjoy this experience. How about for once, stop the enquiry and just do something. Take action

  12. @Epsilon_The_Imperial Yeah, you're already enlightened, you just haven't realized that yet. It's seeing the glass of the TV, once you see the glass, you cant unsee it, but it's always been there when you've been watching the TV. But then, you see the edge of the TV, then the box, then the entire TV. It's always been there, you've just never seen it.

    You can't escape from anything by killing yourself. 

    To make yourself enlightened quicker? Noone can answer that. only via meditations and preparation for a long journey


  13. This is exactly what Karl Marx was talking about. He goes on to say how capitalism and greed will numb and cut out any creative thinking or individual freedom. This includes things such as art; when's the last time you heard someone making a living with art? It's rare to see it.

    Working is fine, it's a way to actually live. But when rent can be so expensive, and living standards are also costly, it becomes trouble, to a point where there is an entire culture of work. A work culture should not exist at all. Working should just be like meditation, you do it without any questions and do it to not die.

    But it becomes absolute in society, you HAVE to work or you will be on the streets. You become absolute with the work instead of yourself

    However, even without capitalism, there is work. You have to work for your food. It's just, capitalism's version of work is sucking your soul out

    Don't be a communist though, but I'm just saying, there are good points that Marx has said. And by all means don't quit any job. It's needed

  14. You know what's crazy? Intelligence of gravity. We're not floating around or being spread apart into space, instead... We're solid, and grounded onto Earth. Isn't that intelligence? We're actually composed of things, that composing thing is intelligent and uses gravity! They say we're made up of atoms, but the atoms are in one dense area, which supposedly creates solid. The atoms could fly around and just be "independent" but it chooses not to. It chooses to be part of the human.That entire process is fucking intelligent. (Just adding models and examples)

    It's not just humans that are intelligent, It's also the rock, because the rock is solid and doesn't fall apart. It's just being.

    A blanket can keep me warm, that's fucking intelligence. It stops heat from escaping, IT CAN ACTUALLY STOP THE FUCKING HEAT. HEAT THAT I CANNOT STOP. But I am so blind to this intelligence, it makes me sad.

    Bro, the heat itself is intelligent. It makes me feel warm and can even harm me. It makes me dead.

    Everything is intelligent :) 

  15. Everything that happens has nothing attach to it. A breakup isn't bad unless you say it's bad. Equally, you can say a breakup is good.

    This just creates a flow. Universe is a flow, with events happening. It's you that creates the bad or good environment or assignment. it's you who judge the events. It's you who judge the universe. But it was never bad or good in the first place.

    That's just my view

  16. You've literally read my mind. I've restricted myself from talking, because I feel like it's just mental masturbation.

    The silence makes me more composed, less toxic, less judgemental, less everything, and to be honest, I have no idea why but it's definitely an amazing thing

    The silence created more healthy relationships as well, which is so ironic. Less effort in talking = more healthy relationships? Paradoxical (for me atleast)

    This restriction just made me so calm. I never knew that talking could take out so much energy from me. Silence is the key, I would like to talk more about this :P