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  1. So I've just read most of the posts here and I want to get involved.

    I just want to know any other recommendations that does this? I don't mind paying but I would prefer for it to be cheap and have free trials.

    Today, I tried out one of those random videos on YouTube that has subliminal messages, but I made sure that the messages themselves are positive, so no "Don't" "Want" "Need", etc

    Now, instead of listening to music, I listen to the messages since If I'm not listening, someone else is :)

    They seem to actually make immediate affect on me. I'm not into awakening anymore, I've sorta took a break from that and went to the basic foundations of self-actualisation. I want to first develop myself personally, before I go onto real hard-core awakening


  2. Sorry for the late reply here

    @sarapr This is very true! It's why I am attracted to the Quran. There are some verses from my favorite chapter, The Cow. These connected with me

    "And believe in which I have sent down confirming that which is [already] you" 2:41 - We are already God :) and there is mystery to seek for

    "Then your heart become hardened after that, being like stones or even harder" 2:74 - Allah is love, turn against love and your heart will suffer

    There are tons of beautiful verses but as well as some bad ones. But I haven't reached to those parts yet...

    @Dodo Yeah... I'm guilty of this. I will take your advice tbh. taking way too seriously

    @non_nothing I think I'm going to try this out, even though it's going to make the reading much longer but I guess I have to if I truly want to explore Islam

    @SoonHei Hopefully I'll get to that realisation with studying all of the religions :P

    I had serious doubts about just quitting this book. I think I'm going to keep on reading and open my heart to Allah as the Quran suggests. These are the instructions, so guess I need to follow them. Doubt I will believe in Quran's version of Allah but I know I will gain some serious wisdom.

    Thank you all, and please keep on giving advice for reading the book



  3. I don't exactly know if this is allowed on the forums. I don't want to make a debate if islam is true or not, I'm just currently studying all religions as part of growing my awareness of religions and ancient wisdom. If this is not allowed on the forums, please kindly stop the thread :)

    So as I said, I am studying religions and that includes Islam. I have got myself an english translation (Saheeh International Translation) and I am doubting myself about this study.

    I have heard a lot about the Quran. The Quran is supposed to be ONLY in Arabic, and must also be recited, in a certain way. It must be listened so the words can play with you and show you the Truth. I have also heard that the translations by Quran may not be accurate in terms of content and won't actually grasping the idea of Allah.

    So... is there even worth the time to actually study the Quran from a western perspective? I don't think I can learn Arabic, or have the time to go to a scholar and talk about verses. The main reason I'm scared to go to Imams or teachers of Islam is that it will be a interpretation of THEIR Islam

    I can understand most of the content, but I cannot get the mystical experience from Islam



  4. 4 hours ago, Mu_ said:

    Recognizing your tiredness of all these things is the first step in making a new choice and dropping it. 

    And the way I do this is by questioning why they believe  or follow these. There must always be a reason for an illusion to exist. When you research why it exists, then you can just drop it. 

    Very good point dude :) 

  5. @PhilGR You could say that...

    But it's good to go even deeper with what you're seeing. Right now, you see all of these ideas and you become tired of these. That's happening right now, but that's only YOU. You get tired from all of this but what about the bigger picture? Why do these illusions exist? Is there a reason?

    When you see a religious person, you can question their belief but do you question WHY they actually believe in it? Have you ever gave the thought that this person may have directly experienced God and thus believes in Him?

  6. Do meditation in the morning, before you do anything. You will be more focused.

    Try to be aware of what's actually happening. Are you creating an addiction to whatsapp?

    Also it's not that you get lower consciousness from whatsapp but more about what you're doing right now, in the moment. You should be conscious AT ALL times, when eating, when talking to friends, when doing anything, you should be completely aware of what is happening. The action isn't what causes the lower conscious but it is what you do that creates the lower. Question why your consciousness goes lower when looking at whatsapp?

    Is your mind easily distracted? If so then question it, WHY. Is there something missing in your life?


  7. 2 hours ago, Quantum_fluctuations said:

    Isn't ego death same thing as enlightenment?

    Personally, I don't think so. There are other ideas and direct experiences to see other than ego death like intelligence of the universe, which Leo goes really deeply into. There's more to enlightenment because enlightenment is infinite! Don't take my word for it though, see for yourself

    2 hours ago, Quantum_fluctuations said:

     So, it  is actually possible to be in state like that when you are nobody. I guess being nobody is better than being somebody. Has there been any person or scientific study or anything which can describe such case that you're aware of?

    This is a good point actually. I haven't personally dived into scientific perspectives of ego death.

    Howverr there has been studies on psychedelics and ego death. 

    Here's the first link I found on LSD and ego death


    But I don't know any study or reports on ego death with pure meditation. 

  8. Science is great. You shouldn't always follow blindly teachers and such. You should question what they say, which is what you're doing and so that's good. 

    Science currently is flawed because scientists today are very aggrogant and close minded, so I would suggest doing your own research and even your own experiments 

    Nobody can really tell you what enlightenment is. 

    15 minutes ago, Quantum_fluctuations said:

     How can we say that one can no longer suffer after enlightenment? If enlightened person is caught by someone and they torture if him in many possible ways like  verbal abuse, physically abuse or harming someone of his family etc. would he not feel suffering at all?

    This is a misconception of enlightenment. What you described is ego death. The person being insulted has no ego, has no identity and has no values. This means that the person who is insulting the "enlightened" person is actually insulting nobody. There is nobody to insult

    Don't pursue enlightenment to stop suffering. Persue it for the sake of pursuring 

  9. Same. I talk to myself

    It's why I chew gum, so it looks like I'm normal :P 

    Also, I sometimes move my mouth but make no noise in public. I see it as another way of thinking just as @sarapr said, it's a lot easier

    Some even say talking to yourself boosts focus and high cognitive functioning. I know for a fact that this is true for me.



  10. @Serotoninluv Thank you, i feel a little alone (another concept lol) with these ideas in my when I observe people's answers on the forums. But It is very fun. I think I may misinterpreting what people sometimes say on the forums 

    @Shiva Ahh... You are right, What you say is true, but one of the most profound ways doing actually stopping the doing is observation. This links with conceptualisation because the observation can lead to conceptualising. It's why I strongly follow it.

    I will take all people's input into consideration. You are all 100%, just need to contemplate 

    Thank you all

  11. 7 minutes ago, Jack River said:

    As long as you need to be guided you will feel lost. Watch the fear/time. Instead of spending time on here asking see if you can see all the disguised fear in your day to day. You will see that fear and thought are one. Start there dude. Nothing else will work man. Freedom from needing answers brah. Stay with “the problem”. Observe!! ?

    Of course, when I mean misguided, I mean I'm going in the wrong direction, not as a teacher. At the end of the day, all Truths are equal to One.

    Thank you for your kind words. I will observe :) 

    10 minutes ago, WelcometoReality said:

    That is a whole other topic imo. :)

    So you don't mistake any concept for truth? 

    because a concept cannot be Truth!

    You're right, it is a whole different topic but conceptual understanding is not the Truth. The Truth is everything, the ego, the concepts, the non-duality, the duality, everything is Truth. The religions are true, the observation of actuality is Truth in one way or another

    What makes conceptualisation different is that you can see why everything is Truth :o 

  12. 1 minute ago, WelcometoReality said:

    And what if you mistake all these concepts of seeing for actual seeing. Wouldn't that be like living in a dream world?

    It's only a mistake if you believe in the concepts, without seeing the truth behind the concepts. We are living in the dream world because our entire reality is created by my mind. I can say that because that is something I've observed and experimented with.

    With science, there are concepts/models that we can apply to things. There isn't actually "particles" in the universe but we applied a model/concept in order to understand them. To see the falsehood behind the solid/physical universe

    1 hour ago, Jack River said:

    All of the above is the “me”. Seeing is when the division ends. Seeing is whole. Not divided. So the “me”/psychological becoming/though/conceptualization/desire/      fear is really all one movement of “me”. That me never sees the whole/the actual/with true eyes. 

    There is no point. Concepts serve to bring to attention the falsity/distortion.

    Yes! This is true!!! Concepts allow awareness onto the falsehood of our reality. It's why I follow them so strongly, because I have seen some falsehood in our reality. I can say it's false because I have experimented, questioned, and observed what the concept represents and I do this every meditation, every moment (or try to at least)

    I don't understand why people are against conceptualising. If you're just looking at the hand, you may realise that the hand is right there, in your direct experience but without conceptualising this hand, you're only looking, not seeing what is false about the hand. What is the experience? You need to conceptualise to understand what the experience is!

    What I have to agree with Leo about this subject of the hand is that you will eventually see that nobody is looking at the hand. There was no hand and there is no you looking. This is ACTUALITY. There was nothing there in the first place

    But that cannot be achieved by just "looking" at the hand or actuality. You got to see what you're looking at, and how you're experiencing everything

    I still feel lost and misguided though...

  13. 21 minutes ago, Jack River said:

    @B_Naz no one will get this across to you my dude. If you watch fear/psychological time in your day to day all that will resolve on its own. Then you will come to that seeing/actuality/truth as the result of dissolving distortion...stay with the fear and psychological time. Understand and bring awareness to the distortions. Then your on to emptiness. Emptiness means not occupied. Then that non occupied mind can see what is without distortion. Anyway stay with fear/time. Excercise will not bring about deep silence. Silence is the result of a psychological time stoppage. 

    I understand this completely. 

    What's fucking me up is this... My current stance is that  We can not see the Truth because there is nobody to see it? We're just a concept, there's no seeing, there's only Truth. We are only concepts in this reality, that's all we ever was. This makes sense to me because all concepts I have thought about is true in actuality (to me).

    Psychological time can stop, but you cannot it. Who said you can? Who came up with this idea? Only by concept. 

    I'm not really asking for the truth but the question of validity in conceptualising 

  14. 29 minutes ago, WelcometoReality said:

    Here is an analogy that hopefully makes sense. Think of a computer that contains an image file. The raw data on that file is just 0:s and 1:s. The computers uses a software program to interpret this data to create an image on the screen. Without the interpretation it would just be 0:s and 1:s on the screen.

    In the same way there is the raw data of seeing on the screen of awareness. The mind then interprets the data on the screen and makes distinctions like "my hand", "table" and so on.

    Actuality is the raw data on the screen. The software interpretations are mind creating the distinctions like "my hand" and "table". 

    The looking on my hand practice is a way to bypass the software.

    This is the exact way I see reality but see, what you said is conceptual AND actuality. My mind is filtering, my mind is making labels, that's all conceptual but it's happening in the ACTUAL. I can observe these and I can literally see myself making labels and judgements. 

    So why is it that this conceptualising is the cause of suffering as most people suggest as well as bringing me back down

    9 minutes ago, tecladocasio said:

    The act of seeing your hand is not conceptual , is actuality , you saying '' i'm seeing my hand '' is conceptualizing . You have the experience before you conceptualize about it 

    Perfect. This is true

    This is something I need to realise 

    Right now. I just feel really lost and don't know anything anymore. 

  15. 2 hours ago, Shiva said:

    t's just that it is only useful to a certain extent. If you want to go further, you have to drop it.

    This is something I just can't seem to do. I think I've completely convinced myself that I am just a concept and my thoughts are a concept. If I were to stop, then I am just the non-dual universe, to stop conceptualising IS conceptualising. My entire EXISTENCE, what I call awareness, what I seek, what I am is just a concept! I haven't seen awareness, I haven't felt awareness, I don't want to read bullshit's people on awareness because THAT ITSELF is a concept. It's nothing but a concept! It's a concept in reality. There is no escape in conceptuality, is there?

    2 hours ago, Hellspeed said:

    Is not bad, just not useful 90% of the time. 

    How can it not be useful though? You deal with death, you deal with life, you deal with suffering, you deal with acceptance, fulfillment, whatever. You don't need to use conceptualisation but you conceptualise because it's a way to understand why we suffer, why we are this way. Here, I am talking about the "you", the identity, the ego. it stops our heads from hurting. This helps with all of the "problems" we have.

    "What are we without our problems" - Mooji

    @Rilles This is why I don't see conceptualising as a bad thing? Is this for security or a release from pressure? 

    2 hours ago, Jack River said:

    @B_Naz if we want to see without the concept fear as in psychological time needs to come to a stop. People don’t understand that thinking/conceptualizing and fear/psychological becoming go together. Then we can use conceptual thinking like it’s a tool. But when we don’t need the tool seeing is not through the concept. Seeing is then unfiltered. To see outward without the concept and inward. 

    Seeing is already happening. We see EVERYTHING. But we ATTACH to things. We attach to our thoughts, and apply meaning to the seeing. Seeing is just seeing, BUT WHO SEES. Is seeing a sensory? We need to conceptualise to SEE. 


  16. I've read a lot of what people write about actuality v conceptual understanding and that conceptualising is considered a bad habit because it's mental masterbaution 

    We live in the conceptual life. Our total experience is conceptual. When I see the world, I see conceptuality. If the concept is true, then it is actual

    Actuality IS conceptuality. Just because i see my hand, it doesn't mean I'm seeing it. I think I see it, But what is seeing?? Our entire existence IS IMAGINERY. it's conceptual. My mind, thought, experience is conceptual?

    I guess I'm not far gone and secluded? 

    Am I wrong?

  17. Well, with the questioning of the self, you have to explore that yourself. But you have a good start, you're resisting because the self doesn't like it, but why? Keep going deeper. Only you can answer that yourself

    If you question about why you have to like your life, that shows real progression. Life isn't about liking, or hating it but living it. You're actually starting to see the bigger picture. What you are truly apart of.

    9 minutes ago, Barna said:

    But what is this "self"? Why does the opinion of this self appear to be more important than what's actually happening in the present moment? 

    Some say it's because you are living in "psychological" time, that is created by thoughts which are expressions of memory, and sensory inputs from the environment. The thoughts cling onto themselves, and clings on what is the known. The known for you is that you exist as an individual who is separate from the universe. Essentially, you're living in the past because the thoughts are only formations by the memory-knowledge-experience :@

    This is why you are scared as well. You are scared that you won't have any pleasure/security in the future, so every movement is an afraid step in the moment. The thought doesn't like that. The self can also be considered as a thought/identity that is formed in it's own accumulation :/ 

    Again, this is what some people say. In actuality, you have to see for yourself

    15 minutes ago, Barna said:

    Why do I have to like my life if I can choose to unconditionally love it? 

    You can unconditionally love everything You can open up your love since love is a outcome of the opening of the heart. Once it's opened, can't close it. Got no choice but to love

    Just question the hell out of that fear. Why the fuck are you scared of picking up that COFFEEEEEEE :o 

  18. 17 minutes ago, SoonHei said:

    But yeah, any practice/action/this conversation is all an imaginary ego-self talking/interacting away with other ego-selves.

    I feel like the interaction is nice though. It's a way to be aware of what our ego is doing in it's present moment by seeing how others react. It allows me to relate to their situation, like with this topic on visualisation. Of course, it can have the complete opposite affect but that's on the seeker

  19. @SoonHei Very valid point

    Something i want to add onto this... Sometimes when you don't know what you want, the things you want can be disguised. So even tho you may not care about the nice house, when you end up with a shitty house, it can be create conflict. It's because you never wanted that shitty house but were too occupied with why you don't want anything

    It's really a question of wanting. If you don't want anything, then it means that you're in a state of not wanting. So you wouldn't want that shitty house anyway, but may not even realise it.

    Also, negative turns into positive but that depends on the person, if they react to negativity. But that's an assumption that I made, my apologises 

    with the question with do want vs do not want, isn't that what the Ego essentially is? You say it's all images and visualisation, which can be true but why are the visualisation and images occur in the first place?


  20. I actually use pictures that I find online to match my ambition. I have a page in my journal that has images of what I want (or something close to it) and have a little paragraph/sentence below it to remind myself what the image is supposed to represent

    With the question of what to visualise, I have had this issue. But @Nahm told me one piece of advice (correct me if this isn't what you meant) and it stuck with me... it's not all about what you want, it's about what you don't want as well.

    You don't want to live in a shitty house, you don't want shitty relationships, you don't want anxiety, or to be nervous. 

    Look for what you don't want too :)

  21. 17 minutes ago, Jack River said:

    The self is the same for all humans. Doings are psychological Movement. Desire, motive, effort, and such. Any direction of thought psychologically is a doing. 

    Yessss. This is a very nice way to keep it simple when talking about doing. So we have to use awareness to see the doing. I am now understanding what you mean now when talking about disguising 

    Indeed, you do see the Doing being disguised.