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  1. Self-actualisation is everything in your life. As soon as you started your self-actualisation work, everything you do is in the moment and part of the journey. Your job is part of the journey too. You need your job to give you insights to how the humans live, why we work, and will teach you a few things like sacrificing time for a living.

    So maybe try and incorporating your consciousness work into your actual job, like for example when you're on break and eating your lunch, instead of eating with friends, or being on your phone as you eat, think about deeply about your consciousness work, write notes on some things that worries you, your emotions.

  2. @lennart My vision is currently to be a software developer and make programs to help the world. I want to be like Elon Musk, creating crazy shit like artificial intelligent cars, and I want to create those sci-fi utopia societies like in Star Trek (those crazy these like a scanner detecting a broken bone). I want to literally create programs because it enables so much things to be done, like me replying to this thread since It wouldn't be possible without software and I want to contribute to that. Why? because I feel like I need to carry on the advancement of technology and reach to a technologically advanced society :D (btw I'm still a student, studying Computer Science, about to go into my 3rd year, since I failed to get an internship for the year, ahh well)

    That's my main vision, but also my second vision which is a smaller goal of mine; to be bodybuilder. I love bodybuilding and building muscles, looking like an absolute unit (of course for me, not to show off, I've always been interested in muscles)

    The practices I do are to program for around hour or two daily, and then to go to the gym/diet. I go to the gym 4x a week, and my diet has always been the same, eggs, oats, chicken, mixed vegs, rice/pasta, yoghurt, milk and soya. I've been very strict with it, and I've deprived myself from all fatty/junkfoods because that's what it will take for me to become strong and lean. I didn't need practice discipline to get this

    I wouldn't have programmed or go to the gym without my vision. The vision keeps me going.

    I don't meditate anymore, nor do any consciousness work. I have in the past and I have gained A LOT from it. I've stopped doing it because it wasn't part of my vision yet. It explored crazy issues like my existence and the meaning of literally everything. But these issues won't make me into a programmer or software developer. However it helped me understand who I am, how my emotions are, what my thoughts show, and it helped me create tools to diagnose myself. It also REALLY enforced my vision.


  3. @lennart  That's awesome, have you tried going deeper into this goal? If you want to by physically fit, perhaps prepare to run a marathon, or try weightlifting, create the ultimate body that can endure any physical activity! If you want to be mentally healthy, then try and create emotional mastery. The reason I've been saying all of this is because you need to grasp the idea of what an actual vision is. An vision is you striving to be the absolute best human you can possibly be. I found that if you can find this vision and work on it, your behaviour will change rapidly. Master one thing, and move on.

    I just found that if you have a vision that you are truly committed to, your body will send signals to try and achieve that (and your ego will fight, and that's ok, observe why it's fighting)

    But it seems like you are very aware of your behaviours and actions. That awareness will help you out a lot, but it will only help if you stop feeling guilty and start questioning on why you're doing these behaviours

  4. What I would suggest you to do is to work on your life purpose. You should have a literal mental image of yourself at your best, at your self-actualized best. This is so that when you do go off track and start indulging in negative behaviour, you can remind yourself what you are working for, that is, you're ultimate best. Also when you finally figured out what you want truly want to do, the routines and positive behaviour will come naturally.

    For example, if you had fastfood for dinner, don't feel bad about it or guilty. Remind yourself of what you are working for (the life purpose) and learn from your mistakes. It gets to a point where you will actually physically feel sick from eating fastfood

    So my suggestion would be to work on your life-purpose, create and visualize that image/purpose and remind yourself everytime you mess up ;)

  5. I see thoughts as the environment in your mind. It's the clouds, the oxygen, the nitrogen, the life in your mind. If it's damaged like you experiencing trauma, then it is most likely a sign that something is wrong.

    If you constantly think negative, you will become negative. In the same nature here if you keep worrying and having repetitive thoughts on the trauma, you will become the trauma and it will control you

    So yeah, I think it's a sign, and with the question about being an illusion is a much deeper topic that won't really help you with the trauma. What will help you is facing the trauma head on and letting the feelings out. Think of it as caring for the environment that is your mind

    Deal with the trauma or go to therapy if you can't  :/

  6. You're still in control of This moment. The things you've said are in the past and don't exist anymore. Only now exists

    4 hours ago, Jonson said:

    I feel like if i will go to college all these relationships will be gone. And i want to freeze time so that i will be young forever.

    Work on this. Try your hardest so your relationships won't be gone. It can be tough but if you work on time management skills and how to build stronger relationships, you won't have to worry. No regret, sadness or emptiness will come, because it seems that these feelings all linked onto the relationship itself. Work on the relationship, you've got this :)

    Control the now, forget the future and past

  7. @Hansu Are you saying that all people of society drinks? Are you also saying that everybody is stupid?

    This is just one instance of stupidity in my opinion that requires no approach. Meaning, you don't need to change anything. Sorry if my post implied that the solution was to cut ties, but the intention itself was to do nothing because you can't do anything. You can't always change the opinion of others easily and if you try doing so, it's a waste of time because they're most likely not going to listen, especially if they judged you and even given you less respect for not drinking => not being open-minded



  8. I don't think you should approach the situation at all. You stated your disinterest in drinking, and if they instantly become disinterested in you, then its not worth your time with them

    A human being who judges you for not drinking? That's stupid as fuck


  9. Frequent thoughts, as I understand it,  can happen when a memory is associated to that thought and so, it's recalled. Thats why things like a childhood toy can trigger thoughts of your childhood because you have an memory associated with that toy

    Try to see how your memory of the thought plays in its recalling. If there is a memory association with that thought then there's your root

    So perhaps it's a memory that causes the thought. But if you can't find any memory of the thought, then the above replies would probably be a better suggestion

  10. What he says is mostly true about masculinity I guess, but it seems like a debate rather than truth. It's one bullshit/illusion against another bullshit/illusion. SJW vs Men

    I feel like this guy is making an identity  of masculinity and trying to protect his "masculinity". In my opinion masculinity is an energy that can be tapped in by both male and females, and calling it "toxic" is an judgment. But sure it's obviously toxic if you side only with masculinity in the same way as siding with femininity. A total balance is needed

  11. There's balance in this work. You have to work on enlightenment and your life purpose. So you study to get a good job/success and you also meditate to clear your head. If you want to play video games, go for it but balance is what keeps you from going insane.

    Do the studying you have to do, plan it and then do your consciousness work. Plan your entire day based on study and consciousness work. After you've done your schedule for these things, go back to playing video games, and to be honest, you won't bother playing it because of the gains you get if you just learn how to balance


  12. Perhaps try to recreate your visualizations?

    For example, if you want a big massive house, why don't you go to a rich area and see the mansions?

    Want to travel? Perhaps actually traveling to a place for a weekend, like Portugal, and see the little details in reality

    That can spark something right? :D

  13. @tedens I haven't been fair to be honest...

    Yes it would help people by a lot, and can even solve common problems in our society now that I think about it

    but it seems that it's would be applying to only one set of norms/values set by the organisation, when personal-development and consciousness should be free and expressive.

    An organisation to spread awareness of the consciousness would be great I guess, but I would draw the line when it tells strictly you HOW to do it :D

  14. When people look at who they really are and accept that, then they naturally change. It's not a forced change

    Most people believe that they are this person/identity, but who told them or encouraged them to be this? Most likely their parents and society -> not created by themselves.

    People merely believed in this identity that they made by following the influence of the outside to create this authentic nature which validates the identity. The problem with this is that there isn't any investigation or questioning on the self.

    Also change is kinda bullshit. "Oh I'm going to change my life", well your life is already changed. Every minute you're changing, it's a dynamic mechanic.

    Authentic self is the self that is reading this now

  15. @JohnnyBravo You've understood my problem exactly lol

    15 minutes ago, JohnnyBravo said:

    All thats going on is you've done sufficient work on yourself that you reach a stage where you think, "Ok, now what? I feel good enough with who I am. Whats so bad about life?"

    This is pretty much me right now

    16 minutes ago, JohnnyBravo said:

    Its a bit of a feeling of "Really? Thats it?" Its refreshing but at the same time slightly disappointing. You realise there is nothing to achieve in this life and there never was!

    I've tried even going back to old stuff, like this vision description I made a while ago. I knew that there was nothing to achieve, and I did this work for the sake of it but I think the disappointment got to me when there was really nothing to achieve here but to better myself :D

    21 minutes ago, JohnnyBravo said:

     Youve just taken a big step but it doesnt feel like youve taken a big step.

    One step back, two step forwards in my view now :)

    22 minutes ago, JohnnyBravo said:

    After a few weeks or months, youll suddenly have the desire to get back to this work. The difference will be (might be) you are no longer doing this stuff for yourself, but for yourself and for the world around you to benefit you.

    My desire is starting to slowly come up, so it's why I said this is probably a phase. I'm still pretty down but I'm being mindful of what I'm feeling

    The main insight I got is that I'm just in a phase, and I need to burn/purge the negative stuff :P

  16. I was going through my old vision and goals and realized that it has changed drastically

    Some changes include

    • Not wanting to meditate for long hours
    • Not anting to be social
    • Be heavily focused on technology, previously I wanted to detach from technology
    • Play more games
    • Career passion changed from making programs for people to making programs for the sake of it
    • Not really wanting to self-actualized anymore - since I want to focus on career/entertainment

    I think I might just gone a step back in my life. Think I'm being more addicted to games and focused a lot on my studies and my career goals. But I think the reason I'm not self-actualizied is because I'm not exactly sad in my life at the moment, everything seems to be going fine but I'm just no longer interested in bettering myself. However this is where the dilemia for me occurs because as I did self-actualizing work, I did it for the sake of it, not to benefit anything but now, I feel like I've gained a lot of knowledge and understanding of my life. I feel detached from myself, and just want to go with the flow of life

    or am I just being lazy?

  17. 13 hours ago, CreamCat said:

    Man, why don't you do both? Pen is more convenient sometimes. Keyboard is more convenient other times.

    Because I feel like I need to keep all my notes in one place instead of having mixed paper and digital. There are just so many studies that suggest that writing on paper engages you more than typing, so I just wanted everybody's opinions :D


    here's a link to the laptop v paper argument, and there are thousands of these debates. It seems that writing is far better than typing

    However, I just feel better typing, and I hate writing soooo, probably going to take your advice and just do it for convenience i guess


    13 hours ago, Sir Raz said:

    @B_Naz if you want to type, then type! Simple!

    Will do :)


    1 minute ago, SunnyNewDay said:

    Both. I use keyboard when it's more technical or I'm taking in theory or planning in my OneNote. For more intimate and emotional writing I prefer to do it by hand. I think writing by hand can be great for stuff you don't want other people to read. I don't trust technology to hold my secrets and most emotionally intimate thoughts and insights. 

    The technical writing or planning is way neater on digital than paper, and you can transfer files easily on your other devices, but I haven't really dived into the emotional writing or journals so I can't relate to this sadly ;(