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  1. Self acceptance is the key The statement that I need to repeat to myself : I didn't do anything wrong to deserve this at all. It's life that is unfair and that's completely fine. I deserve all the happiness. I don't need to be special to deserve anything. If anything bad happened to me it wasn't my fault and I did nothing to deserve it. I deserve better than what I have and what I have been given. I should be happy and try to be happy in all other ways I can. I need to be positive. I should give myself more love in whatever ways I can even if I felt I'm not worthy of something or I didn't deserve it. The burden of guilt doesn't lie on me but on circumstances that I didn't choose on my own. I am not unworthy of anything at all in fact I deserve more when I'm weak. I'm not a loser or someone who is undeserving but someone who needs help assistance and better things or resources to deal with my situation. I have my flaws just like anyone else but that doesn't mean I am undeserving or unfit. It means I just need more. I did everything to deserve much better and much more than what I got in return. I should learn to accept and embrace my flaws and embrace parts of me that I can't change. I should work on those aspects of my character and nature that I can change. It's fine to be flawed because perfection is an illusion. I should work on those things that do not qualify for judgement and bypass attention. There are many beautiful things. I should not confine myself to what the world believes defines a person. I should embrace those parts of me that don't exist and improve those that exist. I can always change spiritually even if not physically. I should not keep pitying and fretting over stuff about myself that I can't change but rather work on those that can be improved, resolved and changed and not let it get stymied because of the stuff that can't be changed.
  2. Other healthier ways to develop or work on self esteem. Only if I had known better.
  3. A 25 Today wasn't a good day but anyway tried to be a little more active than usual. Felt very sluggish and just dragged through.
  4. A 24 Vitamin C And Your Adrenal Glands POST A COMMENT over a year ago The adrenals – overview Adrenal glands are known to abound in ascorbic acid (i.e. in vitamin C). Given the fact that the greatest majority of people is already familiar with the fact that the vitamin in question is essential when it comes to battling off numerous infections, a final conclusion that becomes more than apparent is that it also provides significant aid when it comes to the process of adrenal glands stimulation, necessary for the increase in production of a hormone known as cortin, which is essential in elimination of numerous diseases. Since the primary function of adrenal glands is the production of adrenaline, especially in those moments of potential physical danger, as well as oncoming emotional crisis and recurring mental and emotional tension, all these are known to have an ill effect on the glands in question. This ill effect is mirrored by putting too strong a pressure on the glands in question, which results in them becoming too work-famished – sometimes to such an extent that nerves, together with the vital organs, are incessantly in the fever-pitch mode. This is known to be a direct consequence of too large a number of false ‘emergency’ notifications that are received from the brain. As a direct result of this, the action of sending of the mighty adrenaline straight to the blood is initiated, even at those times when it is not required and necessary. This has also led many doctors to believe that arteriosclerosis, as well as coronary thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage and alike ailments can occur due to the quite regular overstimulation of the glands in question by stressful life tempo and regular, both emotional and mental strain. When it comes to the present time, and in the age in which the greatest number of ‘emergencies’ is primarily emotional and mental in nature, the regular overproduction and over-injection of adrenaline into one’s bloodstream can, as it quite often does, induce fearful and concerning beating of the heart and the blood vessels. Hence, due to the fact that adrenaline is incessantly being ‘injected’ into one’s blood, in those moments of stress and tension, cortin becomes an essential and key controller of the body in terms of slowing it down and aiding it return back to normal and unharmful operating rate. If we are aware of this, as well as of the fact that the adrenal glands need vitamin C in order to be able to produce this key hormone (i.e. cortin) in most proper and beneficial amounts, it is not at all that difficult to see how regular intake of the vitamin in question can aid the entire process and keep us safer from harm induced by overflow of adrenaline. Sources & Links
  5. As usual people who deserve the least get the most.
  6. @egoeimai Thank you. I will try to focus more on myself from now on. Just knowing that you care helps a lot. Thank you. Cheers.
  7. I'm just so fed up now. I have totally given up on life. It's all over. I'm done. I'm so done with everything. Last few days were just miserable. I had been lying awake all night crying so bad that my eyes are swollen. It is just awful. I have been feeling terrible. I knew something was up.... It happened. I broke of. I'm so tired. I have been going through a lot and I don't deserve it at all. I deserve better than this and much better than this. I relied a lot on the whole thing called soulmate. I guess it's time to let go of that and focus totally on myself. I guess it was all in my head.
  8. There's nothing to celebrate and there's nothing to hope for. We're all on a sinking ship. Life is a bitch like a wife who can never appreciate anything good. All we have is this moment to relish and that is the only relief. The outcome is never going to be the best it's not going to be the worst either. Everything is just a summation of dysfunction. There's no intelligent design because all will turn to crap at last. The world is a shit hole, humanity is a shit hole, and life is mysterious adventure of romance and disaster. In the end what is left is only a consolation but eventually its only destruction and chaos. What we have is only each other to pull up ourselves through. Heaven is not in this world. Heaven is in our hearts. Beauty shines and it can't be destroyed. The worst that can happen is death but it brings no good. It's only the calm we have after the storm. The only good is the good in the bad. Once that was good is now barren and dry. Once that was warm is now cold. We can be brothers in arms and struggle till it lasts. And be done with the hopeless world and say goodbye. We are the winners because we did good. Life is unfair and it will always be, it's all a confusing paradox. But we can be a light in a dark world. Our struggles will never be in vain at least in our hearts. Our voices will never be heard. But it doesn't matter anyway, heaven is with God and not on earth. Love is a losing game here and life is a battle lost. Work hard, hope for the best, do good and be loving and happy while it lasts.
  9. I think my biggest problem in life is that I believe people too much and I'm fiercely loyal and that never gets reciprocated. Everyone just turns their backs on me
  10. That's not good on your part especially if he is your blood brother. It's one thing to feel being treated unfairly but it's an entirely different thing to want someone to suffer, it's like wanting someone to be more miserable. This is exactly what love is not. Expecting that someone should be pleasant to you is also kinda selfish. They can be what they want to be. I'm pretty sure that sometimes people just act like assgoles and actually don't mean to hurt. You never know if someone has a good side to then until you see it. Jealousy, envy, is just an outcome of insecurities and low self esteem. When you are aware of your own worth and proud of yourself, there's less need to compare to others. In some ways, comparison itself is a futile idea because we are all unique with our own life and problems. The real crux of the problem is acceptance or the lack of it. We've been raised by a culture to believe that problems are bad and we are bad or unworthy of social acceptance if we have them. What you fail to see here is that this is just social conditioning to the extreme. We aren't living in a rat race. And if are then we don't have to. Someone out there will always be better off than you but at the same time someone else is doing worse than you too. That's what we don't see. It doesn't matter who does better or worse in the end, it's all about living in brotherhood and love. If you feel they don't care about you then they're the losers, not you because they don't know how to value you. Expecting you to be just like them is just wrong unrealistic. Expectations ruin everything, it sorta means you can't be yourself. Nah. You are who you are along with all your problems and flaws, you gotta embrace the whole of you and your life, that's exactly what makes you a unique existence in this world. We are humans not factory products to be alike each other. You are piece of art yourself and your life is a product of you and the circumstances and remember that nothing is really under our control so it's not really your fault if something went wrong in your life although it's made out to be that way by people around you. It's all social conditioning gone off track. It's always easier to put others down than to help them and bring them up. People do it to project their own superiority on others but it's just useless because it doesn't change your life or benefit you in any way at all. So it's all pointless in the end, just egos wrestling each other in this illusory race to reach the top. We were born to live like brothers, to love support and help each other and seek the best out of each other and not to one up each other. Sadly humanity has lost sight of the ultimate goal and we blindly follow what the world wants. Be yourself and embrace yourself and be a better person everyday and do better and live better. And there's nothing wrong if things don't work out the way you want because it's just life not a competition and it's all about reality, and surviving that reality, nothing more. You are doing a great job just living this drudgery.
  11. I have fixed up everything I need to start everything peacefully and make it smooth from here. It was tough before just too much randomness and stress. There was no schedule or way to do things. Everything was so messed up. Now it's beautiful when it's all coming together and blending in. Some flow or stability at last. I can continue with this and be happy. I wish more young people out there could realize the importance of just living a casual life in a stable social happy relationship and how it promotes well being and growth and motivates you to keep everything stable and smooth. At least experience the stability for just a few months just to know what normal feels like. It's right here. Your daily life has to have a flow and a rhythm. Ditch the world. It doesn't have to be so stressful and messy. I was so caught up before and now I can see things so clearly and just realize how much I missed normalcy. People just don't know what normalcy really is. At least I never knew. I just had a tremendous amount of dysfunction and stress to even be able to think straight. And now I finally what normal actually feels like and it's awesome. It's all I ever wanted. And now I finally sorta have it. Not fully though. But even if it's just a little, it means a lot to me. I never knew how I needed to feel normal or how normal was supposed to be. People like me are just so unlucky. They have lived such a chaotic life for so many years together that they don't even know what it means to be living a stable life free from chaos and dysfunction. It's like you have always had the disease and your body was trapped for so many years in that disease and now you have been finally set free and it feels normal for the first time and you don't wanna ever lose it again. I needed intense therapy to be out of the situation I was put through and it was all for nothing. Just a life wasted for nothing. But I'm claiming it back from the dead. I'm back from the dead. I can now breathe and feel free to fly. It has taken so long just to feel normal. But anyway, better late than never. People like me out there are just so unaware (carrying on in their own dysfunctional reality as though it's fine and okay or that's how life is supposed to be) and they are completely oblivious that life can even be different and it doesn't always have to be this way, their frame of mind just can't grasp how awful their situation really is and how different being normal feels. Just entirely different. It's like living in two worlds. How could it be their fault, they just didn't know any better than what they had. Now I want to just hang to this and carry on the way I want and not slip back into the chaos that I crawled out of. I feel an unusual calm coming over me. This has to be unreal.
  12. At a time when I really needed a break from everything and a quiet peaceful corner of my own, this website has come as a welcome relief. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. I really needed this in the new form. Always wanted and needed a healthy escape or distraction from stuff and toxic socialisation and found it finally. It's Great now. Finally I can just move on and be done with all the toxic things in the past. Feels awesome now. No more begging for help or trying to please anyone or waiting for crappy people to give attention or respond. Just me and my busyness. It feels great. I can't believe it. Finally whatever I wanted is going to happen and nobody can really stop me from being myself at last.
  13. Every engagement should be a healthy one.
  14. My Engagement * Facebook groups and Math * YouTube * Internet Browsing * Use or Application of Education * Reading Books * Messenger App * Facebook groups for Tasks * Paper Tasks lists * Psychology Babble * Self Actualization Journals * Personal Growth CL= clicker points TL= Task lists or tasks completed.
  15. When the spiritual side of things does not align or blend with the material side or physical side.
  16. A12 It's March 2, 2018 Ahm...whats next on the list. I just need some time off and a peaceful corner. I mean some quiet. Guess I will message after every 2 days and keep a gap of 5 days after every fuck up that happens to kinda recover from the stress of it all. It's not easy and it's taking a toll on my health. It's getting toxic for me and not good for my health because I need to be more stress free. It's getting trapped. I might feel like I'm stranded eventually if I don't put on the brakes. So what I have decided is to keep gaps and take time off in between to keep it smooth and less bumpy and dysfunctional. And minimize the damage it does to me. And learn to take better care of myself. BTW I even need to lose some weight this month. Or at least in the months following.
  17. We don't lose the world. The world loses us. Wish there was a world that appreciated good people for being good. And not just punish bad ones for being bad.
  18. My life has been shitty so far. Lovelessnesss has always been a huge deal for me. Being raised in a dysfunctional environment hasn't helped either. But I'm finally trying to pull myself up by my bootstraps. I hope things won't get any worse. I need to make a list of my personal problems and things that need to be worked on before it's too late.
  19. Busy creating a greeting card right now for a friend's birthday. So I finished creating the greeting card lol. Took two hours to make it. I'm feeling hungry and I need to eat something and watch YouTube. -- I'm not a misery monger. Lol whatever that's supposed to mean now. There is stuff I wanted to discuss with my friend about psychology. Some psychological questions and concepts that intrigued me. One thing I want is psychological maturity. And one way of having it is spatial awareness. High spatial awareness.. Concepts to discuss 1 psychological maturity 2 spatial awareness 3 * Observation based learning * Real Application of Education
  20. A8 Didn't have any time to write yesterday. Was busy selecting a gift for a friend of mine. Took an entire day just to finally choose something worthwhile. Whooooosh!! Today it's 1 March and this year has started on a good note. Damn. My English is so bad.
  21. What are the many ways in which you would appreciate yourself? List things you think you like about yourself.
  22. It's only a transgender person who would make claims like male and female is nothing. Of course we have distinct gender roles to play. That's how evolution and nature works. It's different thing if some people can't get along with that. They're abnormal. They can't be a specific gender. It's their problem. Nah. Gender is not a social construct. It's just that transgender is a social conflict. Lmao.