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  1. Gratitude comes as a consequence of escaping inner suffering and the realization that growth goes through pain, settles and again.
  2. Jesus is an allegory of Enlightenment, his miracles and doings are an art mirror of the inner awakened self. Same as Gautama Siddhartha or Mahomed.
  3. Go and meditate then, cause you are focusing only on logic & concepts without experience.
  4. Do you have more arguable opinions? Or everything applies only to your experience and your lenses?
  5. Don't be mad This is an attitude of reading too much and having little experience.
  6. I identified myself once with being an ancient Titan of before civilization, the famous Cyclops from Elysium (Carpathian mountains). Then I realized this is the ancestral memory of my lineage.
  7. WoW, the dormant still claim awakening is trivial and is just something little that happens to you hahaha...
  8. The depictions in Indian art of Elephant-Headed people, those are the representations of the brain, the trumpet of the elephant is the corpus callosum. When one identifies with the brain and directly with the mind and the 3rd eye, a pressure start to build up in between eyes and ears. The reason is that the corpus callosum is forced up. In consequence reality and perception will limit at the 5 senses. Now, using the focus attention to go on 1st chakra, this is when real candy happens. Corpus callosum goes down and you feel like you die literally, one start to feel the entire body as a whole and awakening happens if you let go of the attention directed upon the head and ideas. etc.
  9. The projection of the pyramid outside, one can experience the point of view of exiting the body, but in reality, you did not exit the body, only had the real sense what it means and feels.
  10. Afterlife is a metaphor for Enlightenment.
  11. After awakening, it is a complete shift in everything in one's being. One can see all the past and all the ancestors, one can identify with every living and not living things. From a point of view of the ego, one sees reincarnation. From higher perspectives, there is no reincarnation. Because you never lived before so to speak, in this configuration of body/mind. Others different, unique, bodies/minds existed before you. We all identify with the source, only a few are conscious of the source. People can conceptualize enlightenment as much as they want and claim they are everything, I speak from a perspective of practice and experience, that is a totally different point of view, and I don't hope to be understood, is more, I really don't care what others have to say about me, eventually some with get what I say after they awaken
  12. I have little respect for enlightened masters, my respects go directly to Breath mostly. And those you mention where mostly trained into spirituality. I have not been trained by outside sources.
  13. The sweet spot is to make it conscious into the focus attention.