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  2. @bejapuskas Thanks for sharing your experience. I really like the idea of being more real about yourself and honest. So, that way one can clearly see what needs to be improved. If I'm dishonest, then I'm just deceiving deceiving myself.
  3. Yes, it is now my gut reaction. The big changes for me occurred when I did volunteer work with alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals and psychiatric patients. People that were suffering immensely. They had been abused and now harming others. For some the pain was so bad they tried to kill themselves. Many didn’t want to leave the psych ward because they were afraid they may harm others again. Often, their children were taken away from them by child protection services. They loved their child dearly, yet felt like an evil monster and didn’t know how to make it stop. I had never seen this side of abuse and trauma before. It was gut-wrenching. I’m quite empathic and I internalized a lot of it. I started having nightmares and insomnia. At times I had harm anxiety - afraid I might harm someone. It was like I was living a piece of their world. After this, I saw it very differently. As a cycle of abuse. A cycle of suffering. One movie that had a big impact on me was “Little Children”. Yet it was really intense for me. It’s a story of a cycle of abuse in which most of the characters are both abused and abusing. However. . . that empathy and compassion has gone into “sucker zone”. I have been manipulated and taken advantage of many times.
  4. So is it normal after meditating for so long and practicing living a conscious life one forgets how to lie? Even in situations where a little white lie that would benefit everyone, I can't even think of a lie, I'll pause for a second and then say the truth. Then afterwards I regret knowing it wasn't the best response.
  5. Ego Personas Shadow Archetypes Synchronicity Etc.
  6. No, it would actually make you more meditative and focused. Modafinil quiets the mind, but simultaneously makes it hyper-creative. Thoughts slow down but become more powerful and intuitive. Similar to a mild psychedelic.
  7. You mean a good way for Yellow to bang some Green
  8. Study businesss and marketing. I suggest Eben Pagan as a good resource. Study, learn, go to farmers and literally pitch them your idea. Ask them what their wants and needs are. Get practical and theoretical. If you don’t increase everybody’s woke points to 100,000 in 5 years with your invention you’ve failed. GO
  9. @Key Elements Works well for weight loss accountability. Can’t wait to see what it does for awakenings. Let me know when it’s done so I can check it out! I’ll help spread the word.
  10. Mothafucka when are WE going to do that?! Get your ass down to SF.
  11. An occasional hippie music festival can be a fun way for Yellow to get a shot of Green without losing independence.
  12. @bobbyward No, I don’t. I understand your perspective though. The crazy thing......just watch. People eating blueberries will arise in your experience. Next couple days.
  13. Is that your gut reaction? How do I get to that level? I feel like meditation is not enough. Absolutely crazy. Imagine killing someone for their life experiences they could not control. And life in prison is basicly ruining someones life for a tiny stroke to the ego of the victims.
  14. I'm going for a non-duality app with scaling features. B2B. Spreading the peace through smartphone downloads.
  15. So I toootally meditated again, 10 minutes this time. Realised I'm in a state of overwhelm, and headed for a caffeine-fuelled burnout. It doesn't take much for me. The signs are there: Unable to relax my body, it's twitching and tensing up in weird places Avoiding sleep and relaxation Doing extra work at late unpaid hours for my employer Checking github right after waking up (used to be Tinder) Increase in irritability and painbody attacks So I shall quit coffee again and compile an overview of stuff to do, so I feel less overwhelmed and don't use work as an escape
  16. Just hit the town with me and @kieranperez , you will be balls deep in poon tang in no time
  17. That is a big expansion of love. When I see abuse, I feel compassion for both abuser and abused. They are both suffering and acting out conditioning. There is plenty of delusion. I would also want to stop anymore abuse and then try to help both of them. Stopping the abuse may involve temporarily removing the abuser from society. Hopefully, we could help that person get better. Similarly, when I see a religious person indoctrinating others, I see someone acting out their own indoctrination. I would support bringing awareness to the indoctrination to reduce harm. Yet I wouldn’t hate on someone acting out their own indoctrination. I was hard-core indoctrinated into a religion as a child. It’s really hard to work through. I’m still deconstructing some of that crap - 30 years later. . . And yes, the prison system here in America is messed up.
  18. @Genghis Khan Yes, magick/occult is very real. It is the western path to enlightenment. I have found that all the traditions have their strengths and weaknesses. After studying Buddhism and Yoga very intensely for several years, my "inner guru" led me to realize that my next step of spiritual evolution was going to involve energy work. Yoga has very powerful energy work (magick) but one is not going to learn very much unless they follow a guru. If you do follow a guru, you may find out many years later that energy work is not his strength and learn very little. Taoism is very powerful magic but is more limited in its uses and difficult for a westerner to fully grasp and master. The occult is energy work on steroids. I dont think any traditions can touch it in that arena. A lot of people would disagree but that is simply because there is a weird bias in the west that true spirituality can only be found in the east. The philosophy is a bit different than Buddhism or Yoga. Rather than claiming the physical world is "unspiritual" and that one should just dissolve the self and wait for death/liberation, Occultists believe that the physical world is created by the divine and should be mastered and engaged in like all the other realms in a process of eternal spiritual evolution. I would highly suggest just sticking to High Magick, which is for the purpose to become one with the divine. I also do some rituals for health and prosperity because both can be used to help meet my spiritual goals. Despite what many say, there is nothing spiritual about weakness, poverty and sickness. With that said, be VERY careful with using the occult for prosperity. That can very easily solidify and inflate the ego. Keep your intentions based in love and that will guide you. Personally, I have combined what I have learned from Buddhism, Yoga and the Occult. For me, it is a complete spiritual practice. My significant other doubted whether magic was real. We did a ritual to summon an arch angel and the angel appeared. Im not going to go into too much detail about what happened but it was an extremely powerful and beautiful experience. Lets just say my significant other is now totally on board with magick. Magick is a tool. It can be used for "good" or "bad". Whatever you use it for, it amplifies it greatly.
  19. Then that’s a shitty situation. But we still have to enforce the law or society is going to end pretty fast. It’s not for their sake. They should get some mental help like they do in my country and get a job and some friends. Or whatever they need. We still need a society after all.
  20. Well I should refrace that. I hate the act of abuse. Not the people doing them. I support compassion. I live in Norway. I think we may have the nicest prisonsystems in the world. People are doing a lot better out of the system than in America.
  21. @Nahm That's so weird. I've been eating blueberries everyday but I thought I was doing it for my third eye chakra.
  22. And what if they don’t have the resources to do so? What if their brain and body has been messed up? What if nobody loves them? What if people hate them? How on earth can such a person heal and get better? I volunteered in a psychiatric ward of a hospital for years. Many abused people never had the chance to heal. They were never loved, They were treated like shit their whole life.
  23. There's both the psychological component of scarcity which you can see value from scarcity all over the economy causing a sense of need and the more raw chemical component of a dopamine rush which also is used as compensation for say being bored and what not.
  24. They are not at odds with one another. Those "crazy" spiritual experiences facilitate the ego's dissolution. Besides which, the ego's dissolution is not the only game in town. If you hold the "sober" state as more real than a "crazy" high state, that's an anchor point which needs deconstructing. The value of shifting states is that it helps to free oneself of states. But also keep in mind that whatever state you are in, that state is defining and limiting your understanding of reality. There are things you can understanding in a crazy high state which you cannot understand in a sober state. So to put a sober state as superior or more "natural" than a high state is incorrect. It's a bias. This is not to say one should get attached to high states either. The point is to be open to experiencing life from various kinds of states without demonizing them. People get trapped chasing states. But people also get trapped demonizing states and proclaiming that their state is the best and that other states are useless.
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