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  2. Not about brilliant flashy ideas, it's about simplistic fundamentals.
  3. Set your ego aside and everything will show up.
  4. @Preetom some wierd problem.Went to settings and just moved the volume it is now ok 😊
  5. @RendHeaven I'd say thinking can be a meditation practice. Meditation is about observing rather than getting immersed. So, if you think while being aware that you're thinking, that's meditation. Meditation is a very broad practice. You can practice meditation 24/7.
  6. maybe you are muting the video player or your master volume you got this!
  7. Yes in the long term. But, awareness alone doesn't correct everything in a reasonable amount of time. I need a lot more than awareness to correct things in reasonable amounts of time.
  8. When we typically talk about Love we are talking about relative love. Because we as Egos are relative. Everything is relative to our perspective, including Love. Nothing wrong with that but we have to be conscious that it's just a part of the whole.
  9. @Leo Gura Leo please explain the relationship between Sense of seperatedness or I feeling or Identity vanishing to that Intellect which discriminates as good,bad,morality,values. Ego or the identity is just a feeling but intellect is the collective knowledge or conditioning which says what is right wrong survival likes dislikes. So what change happens to the intellect after enlightenment ? How the intellect which was hating Hitler suddenly loves a Hitler,Rapists,Murderes ? On the contrary you said you will know the use of war if a tyrant,dictator starts ruling your country ? Unconditional love is unconditional acceptance of what it is with out any trace of judgement or like or dislike. But you said enlightenment is not emotional mastery 🤔🤔🤔 You said the abortion is immoral is a moralistic view and is not conciousness work ? So what will be the view of an enlightened with respect to abortion,killing,murder,rape ? - No emotions when they hear,see that happening ? - become emotionally stale like a stone ? Non reactive ?
  10. @tsuki yes this is probably the best way to describe it in words, while seeking truth is a completely different ball game. Even those of yourself who are "enlightened". You are like me, lost in the fog. Except i am aware that if you were to discover absolute truth, you would run away like a cat being chased by a dog. Which is why i was interested in what the moderators had chosen. I think the same goes for you enlightened people as it did for me, you talk a big game, but won't walk the talk. This statement is exactly true because you continue to talk about enlightenment as if its the truth. this is only my humble opinion anyway. I have not had an enlightenment experience as i will state again and i will not for a long time. Edit: It is what it is anyway. What do i know.. you lot are all chatting woo woo to me anyway, stop with your outrageous remarks, consciousness comes from the brain!!!!! prove to me it doesn't!!! Edit 2: reading this whole specific post in the thread again, made me feel like a chicken lol. for a second i thought i was a chicken and i got scared ahahaah Edit 3: like if you knew jesus was god and he told you to cut him so he can turn his blood into wine for you to drink and even told you it was the single purpose of life. You would actually be like "DUDE, WTF you smoking in heaven"
  11. Damn True! @xthebentnecklady Nobody is infallible including consciousness teachers, there are some videos of her which are totally in low-quality but some others are much good work, so that doesn't mean she is a bitch witch and we should ignore every teaching of her! in case of pornography, yes every body is free to do what they want to do and saying that porn stars are somebody's sister or daughter is totally a nonsense, so I turn thumbs down on that thought of her.
  12. How dangerous is it to brew dmt yourself using plants? Like if you have no chemistry background and no testing kit? Like I meant plant to dmt?
  13. Well this is common knowledge, the semen should only be expelled when creating life, its vital life force energy we should not waste.
  14. APPLYING THE PARADOX OF THE PLAIN MAN AND THE POET I'm not locked in the Paradigm Of Belief. I use words like someone framing an insight rather than someone stating a truth sometimes. It's like capturing rather than a stating. Truth is a secondary issue oftentimes. It's a Straw Man to frame all insights in terms of stating a truth that one might rely in on the case of a factual belief. No. That's why we have poetry. The poet can express things that the factual man cannot. But you wanna apply the Paradox of the Plain Man And The Poet too. Don't get locked on either side of this paradox to the exclusion of the other side.
  15. If you don't cum, you'll get extremely horny and very likely tensed.
  16. @xthebentnecklady It was 5-MeO
  17. Leo says a lot of things, following anyone blindly is not wise. Don't take everything he says literally, he is a human being at the end of the day and these substances can tend to make us delusional in what we say and think, especially if we use them too often and do not allow proper integration and stabilization of energy before we choose to express what we have experienced. I have been through this phase myself, it shall pass. Nowadays if i choose to do a substance, i personally wait several months to years in between substances and few to several months before actually sharing with others what i have experienced and come to understand. It is not wise to share straight away because you are in a mental and emotional energetic whirlwind and the more i stay away from substance, the more truth of reality and the nature of existence i can actually embody and express clearly and effectively. I believe Leo will be much greater of a teacher if he stopped with the substance path for a while so he too can see for himself what i have foreseen in myself and many others of have chosen these paths. Peace
  18. Just to note for everyone to put it into context of the decision i made for myself, I am certainly foolish enough to admit i do not have this kind of love for god, to become the buddah is NUTS even for me... Hence i will always be condemned to a life without infinite intelligence, creativity.. most of it. But i have traction in some infinities, as well as access to a slight portion of it. But we are talking about infinite levels here! LOL ... and i certainly DO NOT have infinite LOVE. yes i am infinite love, but i am not able to BE infinite love! infinite love is total enlightenment. LEO IS NUTS, and he's consciously doing it which makes him even more NUTS. he is able to love god more than anyone as is the wager you must give to reach total enlightenment. You must wager your love of the truth and knowledge of the truth, for your love of god and self-actualise it. If your love slacks, then you will be lost in the fog of infinity like me. Ralston is nuts aswell , he's so nuts the way he teaches is to talk about direct communication of the truth. atleast, sadhguru plays about abit... ralston is to the point. and why do i know i'm foolish. Because i was aware of my mind rejecting the statement HeheEHEHehehe absolute truth LOL nuts!
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  20. Leo is a highly trained professional with regard to consciousness work with years of experience. It would be understandable if he is cautious about sharing certain details in case less experienced people, or even just different people, try to copy him without proper training and end up doing more harm than good.
  21. Have you read "The Steppenwolf"? It's our desire to label and sort stuff that makes such definitions. Then of course to attach to one. If it was only that simple! You could pick out infinite different types. Or none. But at the end... It should be just a tool to realize yourself. After that loose it.
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