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  2. This verse is stuck in my lead lately. "If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles." It's one of those simple verses that needs to be contemplated for a lifetime to get its depth, similar to "Love your neighbor as yourself." Going one mile with resistance when asked is how most of us live our lives. Being born into this world itself is a big ask. The law of attraction teaches you to happily go two. Choose to go two. Put your soul into the work that's asked from you and do it twice as well, happily. When someone or something hurts you, go deeply into the sensations of it, deeply into the body. I have a hypothesis that once you become skilled at doing it, it can be contemplated on a much deeper level than before. There is no potential for insights unless you're willing to deeply feel the sensations that arise, and go to greater depth than on the surface it would seem was necessary. That's going two miles.
  3. I'm sorry to hear that... Did you watch Leos video - how to deal with powerful negative emotions?
  4. @Psyche_92 I agree with this. A good way is to perhaps fully feel the emotion with zero resistance. To move on from pain you have to face it.
  5. Ive watched her videos, but nothing seems to help...
  6. Hey guys (and girls), what can I (male) do in order to make sure I dont get any stds? Is a condom a safe way to go? I mean if it was a girlfriend, one could check it in the hospital, but thats obviously not possible in the case of a one night stand. So anything else to consider?
  7. Is Love that Matt Khan talks about truth? He uses affirmations in his books and yt videos like I love you, its ok etc. Can telling yourself things like that lead to real awakening to Love?
  8. Teal Swan have huge red flags in many ways, but she actually has really good videos on shame on YouTube, I would reccomend to do a quick search. Word of advice: radical open mindedness needed, she's kinda "woo woo" ;p
  9. I apologize for the misunderstanding. I meant that he is suffering a lot due to his insomnia. He told that this insomnia is a living hell and he is not experiencing the inherent oneness going through this process. The awakening is not there at a fundamental level. Not because he has insomnia but because he is suffering as a separate ego entity. When push comes to shove, psychedelics (even the most powerful ones like 5 MEO DMT) show you how much manual work is still necessary for deep and permanent awakening. It is my impression that psychedelics can make someone over-estimate their spiritual development. That is why 'only psychedelic' approach people like Martin Ball apply can be dangerous. And I can't understand this 'after effect' of psychedelics, what you might refer to as 'the permanent background effect'. The same effect occurs in deep meditation and samadhi states. It doesn't seem unique to psychedelics. That doesn't mean they are permanent. These are still conditioned by cause and effect. Actual awakening is supposed to transcend all that if it is a deep and permanent realization. I'm still trying to understand what psychedelics can do that deep meditation can't. Yes, it is obvious that you go deeper MUCH FASTER. And that is great. But there must also be a negative side to this as the ego is demolished at a fundamental level too quickly without digestion. The dangers of meditation are that it requires time, skill, commitment, dedication and energy. It is a safe route but it also might take decades to get anywhere for most people. (Not everyone). The dangers of psychedelics are not quite well articulated in my opinion. Yes, thanks to Leo's introduction, we are all aware of its amazing benefits. But just like his video on 'the dark side of meditation', Leo should do a video on 'the dark side of only psychedelic path', or something like 'The dangers of over-valuing psychedelics'. I think that too many people on this forum are relying too much on psychedelics for spiritual growth and slacking off in meditation. And I think it would be better to start this psychedelic investigation with a strong foundation in meditation. I want to see an adept meditator (someone who already lives in samadhi) to take these substances. Also, someone already said to be 'awake' like Peter Ralston or Eckhart Tolle. I think these substances are AMAZING. But they are used improperly and immaturely by most people. What do you think about this?
  10. No feeling will subside if you keep pushing it away or want to get rid of it. You not wanting to feel ashamed = keep feeling ashamed. Rejection will keep it alive.
  11. The posts are getting long and I've grown tired of this conversation, so I'm going to make this as short as possible. I am not denying the existence of power and its place in the relative world. What I am saying is that freedom is what underlies power and you can relate to freedom directly to establish hierarchies. This very conversation is based on power only indirectly. We may argue, but the underlying incentive is to open up (free) the limited mind of the other person. No. Saying that world is what it is, means that the relative world is in a certain way. You may shift perspectives all you want, but you won't shift out of the need to feed your body if you intend to live. You may also convince yourself that you are less conscious than your dog, but that only proves your genius. Hierarchies exist within the relative world and they do not originate in the person's mind. The world is only absolutely relative for a solipsist.
  12. @Leo Gura if i realize absolute love, and embody it, will it improve my ability of lowercase love? Or these are two separate thing?
  13. @Leo Gura I guess it can go both ways, depending on the level of consciousness of the people that are either directly affected or "just" emtionally touched by it. But, of course, if it's a serious, serious threat, it's highly unlikely people will take the higher consciousness route.
  14. Does anyone know a good way to deal with shame? Its a constant feeling for me, and i dont know how to get rid of it. I cant even identify mostly what i am ashamed about, its just there, all the time.
  15. its very real, read my experience. Mine happened spontaneously so I couldn't tell you how to do it.
  16. The chief behavioral commitment of Love is to act selflessly for the greatest good of the universe. But of course in practice it's not gonna be all rainbows and butterflies. You'll probably have to kill some people
  17. Could you kindly provide some insight on my experience please. I want to know why I'm seeing these malevolent spirits. Also any insights on the close eye visuals of the aliens? I personally believe they made our bodies, BUT we are not these bodies or minds that limit us. The images were logo like. A symbol of "you are my creation". Thank you
  18. I am not afraid of my next life but that because I believe I only have one life.
  19. Haven't read all the comments so forgive me if this was asked but I think we need a new video (I know there was one in the past) on divine masuline vs divine feminine. From a highly conscious perspective. Let's cut into the red pill, alpha, macho and diva dogmas once and for all.
  20. No government regulation in the world can do something about the billions of people who demand meat. Where will we put all the cows and farmland to feed the cows when the number of people who want to eat cows and milk are increasing globally? Most cattle Brazil produces is for China. Good luck telling the chinese to eat less meat, when they are not even eating a fraction of what we eat per capita. The only viable solution I see is greater investment into the research and production of lab-grown meat. It needs to become cheaper than regular beef as soon as possible. Meanwhile we have people advocating people to buy pasture raised products instead of factory farmed ones, which require far greater land use and therefore in most cases far greater amounts of deforestation. The solution cannot be "better and more sustainable farming", the solution is a complete replacement of cattle farming. This cannot be achieved through cultural advancement because the greatest markets have not even yet developed, which will be China and India.
  21. Unfortunately catastrophe will not push people towards Green, it will do the opposite. A serious survival threat will push people down one or two levels. Which is what we're seeing with Trump of the North and Trump of the South. The angrier people get, the worse leaders they elect.
  22. @studentofthegame The thing about neuroticism is that it can't really be willed out of existence through neurotic means. If you can access a non-neurotic state of mind you might be able to heal it that way, or you might invite its dissolution by doing calming things that deprives the neuroticism. That is, activities that in your mind gets you nowhere. However, if you now do such things with the intention of getting rid of neuroticism you are back where you started. So it's a kind off catch-22.
  23. I have watched a few videos, he's one of the good guys I do not follow anyone particularly, i just absorb what is useful and create my own way <3 This has always works for me.
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  25. @Apparition of Jack Thanks yeah I don’t think I should go down the mining road
  26. Yeah tell us how to manipulate a fiesty Wilf already 😂
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