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  2. "I must have friends otherwise i can't be happy" "I can only be happy if I'm in a relationship with an opposite sex" "I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU" People call this romance, friendship, life's highest acommplishment etc. But... "I can't live without holding onto a stick". "I can't be happy unless I tie myself to a tree" isn't it a big bondage? A huge restrictrion and limitation on you? Don't you want to be happy no matter what ? Either you alone or with people it dosn't matter, you're complete life by itself, don't you want that? But no. People are celebrating their bondages. They call it rommance but it's actually a bondage. If you celebrate your bondages, if you think bondages are the best thing in life, you're finished. You won't go very far in life.
  3. I would look into kettlebell swings, turkish getups and snatches. For boxing, you need to develop fast twitch muscle fibers (explosive power) and KB swings are perfect for this, just the swing utilizes most of the muscles in the body including those you never use much (which is why a day later it will hurt like hell) also kundalini yoga is great for activating these muscles.
  4. I still don't know about this topic. Some people say you need people, some people say you don't need anyone.
  5. Dont just tell me, tell the whole enlightenment community, because its a huge thing to find a method for such. Its something that many teachers don't have the answer to, myself included even though it happened. Just out of curiosity how do you intend to find the most direct methods? Self testing? Interviewing all awakened masters and their students to find out what did and did not work? Really curious, I like your honesty when you say you don't want to delude or send anyone down the wrong path, but what your claiming is out there, is something I don't know if there is "one or two". By the way are you a aspiring student, or do you feel as though you've awakened to a degree that you feel ready to show the way?
  6. Clearly define the topic... Guidance for the newly enlightened including: privacy, operating Yellow+ in our Orangish society, work, sharing your gift... Describe what exactly you want to know. Be very specific. Guidance to determine the most important tasks to affect a global shift toward high conciousness. Come up with a catchy title. Catchy titles sell! So ur enlightened BFD! Now ur god... what next! Mobilizing Yellow+ Conciousness, a how to So ur yellow and unemployable... or are u? The loss of all self concern 😊 How to get Leo to have coffee with u Yellow Stage, you know nothing! (GoT reference)
  7. What's worse than sugar for me is gluten. Gluten fucks me up, and unlike reactive hypoglycemia, there is no instant fix (RH, you take some OJ and 15 mins later you are sorted), I think cutting out sugar and gluten were the two most beneficial things I have ever done in my life. From mood regulation to inflamatory response. Last week I ate some bread without thinking and for 12 hours I was in agony. Constant state ketosis is amazing for meditation too. As well as fasting. You can combine both, 20 hour fast and 4 hour eating window sticking to ketosis makes my body feel athletic. You should also swallow your semen if you are male. It contains NGF (nerve growth factor) amongst a ton of other things.
  8. I haven’t, but i’ll take a look right now. Thank you
  9. @Nahm What about stevia ? can i replace sugar with stevia for the time being while i ween off sugar
  10. 25daysleft: mood is low, had to force myself focus was lower but I pushed myself did two hours again, started and ended on time during the second hour I did some things of organising nature I will add one hour daily every week, to slowly transition I gotta figure out an optimized way of what and when to eat, has lots of impact
  11. I feel as if I have 3 different sets of personalities, one for each hormonal level - low estrogen + low progesterone, high estrogen, and high progesterone. All of those have different attributes. In low estrogen + low progesterone lots I feel rather negative and lots of doubts come up. That's the time when I rather do shadow work. In high progesterone I feel rather happy and am able to do the things that I want to do. In high estrogen I normally feel strong and capable. But its always a bit different. I can feel that the hormonal curves have a different shape every time. All happiness comes from within. But happiness coming from within is blocked for me when it feels like I am fundamentally flawed. I feel flawed for the mistakes I have done and for the way I am. That feeling is coming from the center of my heart chakra. I was trying to practice some Bhakti Yoga in beautiful nature, but I was just thinking about these negative past events again and again and again. What do these thoughts about the past offer me other than suffering? Evolutionary they are supposed to keep me accepted by the group so that I won't do these same mistakes again and to hide the parts of myself that others apparently don't like about me. It deeply feels as if I would need somebody by my side, who is there for me all the time, who could just accept me, so that I don't have to accept myself. Maya, huh? All of these habits that I have set out for myself are too much for me in times of doubt. I should keep it simple - very simple. Three habits and no more: Kriya Yoga once a day, Intermittent fasting, and getting out of bed 15 minutes after waking up. Everything else is fighting with myself. For everything else I can follow my INFJ intuition.
  12. Lack of resistance comes from within, the doors to stop resisting are always open its just most of us think that we need someone/ something else to 'unlock' it. Surrendering leads to lack of resistance. Everything is lack of resistance (everything is nothing), you just need to stop resisting.
  13. @Shakazulu Check out stronglifts 5x5 it's a beginner routine meant to build raw strength through the compound lifts
  14. Love comes from whithin, the doors to love are always open its just most of us think that we need someone/ something else to 'unlock' it. Surrendering leads to love. Everything is love, you just need to stop resisting it.
  15. @studentofthegame Well anxiety in my experience is located partially in the mind and partially in the body, so both of these need to be worked on and purified. Have you checked out the Kriya Yoga Mega Thread? That's a great place to start, and it will help a ton with your anxiety.
  16. You have to be referred to a qualified and registered clinical psychologist. You can’t self-diagnose. Good luck going forwards
  17. Is that right? If not, what it is more than that? Just like you can always love more deeply, you will have always more resistance to get rid of. Death is infinite love because you don't resist anything when you are dead. Just like Leo said, "Love war, love slavery etc." simply "stop having resistance for war, for slavery" etc. I'm watching this video: And I really don't feel I'm learning anything. Leo is having an hard time deconstructing the idea that love is a human feeling and that is just not a problem for me if I consider love to be lack of resistance. Am I wasting my time watching this? Will my question be answered in the remaining 1 hour of the video? Timestamp please?
  18. Today i read high magick, 72 pages in and i am impressed, eventhough most of technique i know and heard about it from many sources but book gave me little more motivation to start practise.
  19. Hi Sahil. well. I am interested in taking up some meditation practice into my routine. I have read up on it, watched yt vids and done some research, but i’m still not sure what to do. I think a mantra might be a good idea. I don’t like the idea of focusing on breathing and following my breath. What are you experiences with it? Thanks for the reply
  20. I can not see any purpose for doing anything small works sometimes. I feel like I have to develope a bunch of different automated infrastructures so that i can actually impact people from planet earth. Otherwise what is the point of working on small projects that will not produce something universally useful. We need to create a lot of big infrastructures that suit all 8 billion people. Let's there is a guy that is passionate about sculpting chocolate. Why not use that energy and passion for art to sculpt something that is durable , why waste all that time . That is how i feel about people working sometimes. And i fear doing the same. There are these cycles like paying for company's shitty food then getting sick and paying for medicine. The whole process could've been nonexistent if some companies wouldn't have offered bad food . This is just an analogy, obviously there are many factors. But the main point is that there are so many complex systems that have the purpose of solving problems that other systems caused. It's a cycle that will not stop. i don't want systems that have problems solved by other systems, i want systems that solve their own problems and evolve. I don't know if I make sense .. or if I am just thinking about basic logic that you've already thought through.:))
  21. I was inspired by Leo's use of this metaphor the other day.
  22. How to become aware of the intelligence?
  23. @studentofthegame can you impliment some "do nothing" meditation in your routine or some mindfulness practice? Slowing down your life may help as well... You're perfectly fine just where you are at, if you can see it!
  24. @mathieu Raising awareness = turning darkness into light. ^ this puts the ego on edge.
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