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  2. @Matt8800 What is your opinion about the existence of life in the universe?
  3. @whoareyou no one else is responsible for another’s decision when made clear not to do it. Leo has said in several videos not to mix the 2. I don’t know how much more he needs to communicate it.
  4. If you are a woman and by cat you mean pussy, then yes.
  5. Yeah i used a lighter on top of ash thats why i didnt work but i still got a good amount of smoke
  6. No one can control their thoughts. The mind thinks thoughts on its own like the body can breathe on its own. You can become aware of thought and watch it pass. That is meditation.
  7. I personally love this book and have read it 4 times. Under the humour and various angles the author takes, the book is fundamentally about setting right values in life. This is not to be underrated! Your values drive almost every decision in life, they influence your beliefs, what's meaningful to you, and crucially what is worth living for and work towards. To me this book is life changing. Before reading this book I didn't know my values, I didn't know how to live a good life, or what a good life looks like. I was just following the script that my parents and society handed me. I was living to others wants and needs, being completely unaware of what my own are. For those who are at the same stage of development, this book would help immensely.
  8. @Angelite ...and prophet is a byproduct of what?
  9. Ok then. If you were pointing to spiritual purification you weren't clear. I think basic psychology is more important to apply first than a spiritual purification. If it came off as literal, it's because I'm showing your faults in your logic. A non cause equals a non effect. However, this does not equal an effect because of an absence of a cause. Nothing personal, I'm just showing you this mistake. In a sense, you're in the right track. Wether you did/didn't ask, an event can occur non rationally. In my case, I didn't ask for a paranormal experience, yet I was victimized by a ghost in my childhood. I didn't ask for a paranormal experience 15 years later, yet again I have a cute girl that could phase in and out of reality and in and out of my mind. Hope you see where I'm coming from here.
  10. @Truth Addict what is the difference between religion and mysticism? Mysticism is a byproduct of religious practices. Religion is a byproduct of the prophet's mysticism. Which comes from God. ... Are you bluffing?
  11. I wonder where the line is drawn between human and animal
  12. Can i give my cat DMT ? ( no troll )
  13. Emotional stability. And physical closeness with 1 partner is best vs having to deal with multiple energies at the same time.
  14. I'd love to be an animal like a macaw in the rainforest (well, not right now, lol) or an orca (not in the pnw though). I don't really view myself as intelligent, even as a human so, idk. Could be fun. Imagine flying through the forest every day, or swimming in the ocean in tandem with a pack, moving along the waves eating whatever you run across. It would be like those moments when you're dreaming and you forget yourself, but everything is so pristine and crystal clear. Amazing. We are primitive even as humans, though. I'll bet there is spiritual wildlife out there that is like, "Be glad you are not human. Look at how damaging they are to everything around them. We are light. So close to source, we are free to create anything we choose on the spot. They're stuck in their limited bodies, with their limited lifespans."
  15. @Matt8800 You gotta try some 5-MeO-DMT. It will blow your mind. Total omniscience is possible.
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  17. Can I stop visualizing every day for 5 minutes after I achieved my goal?
  18. My point was nuanced here, you don't seem to get it. Weather I am typing on keyboard or not, is irrelevant here. It's not an assumption - there just is no reason for me to assume that it does, until I directly verify it. And even it does, it is only relatively true, because at the end of the day it's all you. (there is no "other" from absolute perspective)
  19. Very nice, I see it as a looping. I mean that if only you could question Yourself /duality, material paradigm\ long enough /keep being in a heightened awareness\ something could happen.
  20. @Neorez Hey I've been a scratcher and a nail biter almost my entire life, and recently I've gone long stretches without biting my nails so Ill try and give some advice based on why I think I've stopped. First, don't beat your self up about the habit and i'd recommend coming to peace with the behavior and don't demonize yourself or it. Second, I would take up meditation so you can become more aware of the circumstances surrounding the nail biting. There is likely some feeling/thought pattern that is occurring that is prompting the urge to nail bite. You don't nail bite 24/7 so clearly there are times where you aren't thinking about it and then bam you get the urge, try and understand and observe that pattern and I think it will help a lot. Good luck.
  21. @Serotoninluv Of course it's all relative and there's a spectrum. People are free to define these terms however they want. I would say progressives are usually more left than liberals and progressives really care about making structural reforms to the system without too much concern for maintaining the old norms. One of those old norms is the dogma that capitalism is the only viable system and an absolute good. To me a progressive cares most about making serious changes to society to improve it. A progressive sees not making enough change as more dangerous than making too much change. Which is the polar opposite of a conservative. A progressive has a vision for how great society could be if we get our shit together and act big as a unit. Here's a good analysis of this issue: I consider Kim, Zizek, Bernie, Warren, and TYT progressives. Definitely not Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi. They are centrists. Basically a progressive understands the inherent limitations and injustice of capitalism. Whereas everyone else is in denial about it.
  22. @Greg O Below are some clips and commentary of the recent Libertarian debate. This isn't clips of whacky fringe libertarians. It is the top-supported libertarians debating for the Libertarian party nomination for the 2020 election.
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