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Disclaimer: This document is in raw form as I process and distill 4 years-worth of my personal development notes. Expect some typos and cryptic language for now. I will be updating frequently and polishing up.

Prescription: Build momentum.
Related Concepts: Habit-Building, Kaizen, Be Patient

What is Momentum?


Why is it Important?

Momentum determines how much results you get, how quickly, and how much effort you have to exert to get it. Momentum building in an important strategy for success in long-term endeavors like starting a business, changing careers, or mastering a hobby.

Understanding momentum sets proper expectations.

Building micro-momentum is a great technique.

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Momentum: Key Points

There are two types of momentum:

  • Micro-momentum 1 — momentum built up throughout the course of doing the activity (hours).
  • Examples:
    • Starting your work day slow and building up throughout the morning with each task until you're fully fired up by lunchtime.
    • Starting your workout routine with stretching and light exercises to build up to the heavy stuff.
    • Starting a networking event slow, talking to just a few people, building it up throughout the day until you get very talkative towards the end.
  • Macro-momentum 1 — momentum built up over weeks and months as you practice the activity time and time again.
  • Examples:
    • Starting off writing a book by writing 60 minutes per day. After a month that increases to 5 pages per day. After 3 months you are firing on all cylinders and turning out 10 pages per day.
    • Start going to the gym doing 20 minutes of walking on the treadmill. After a month, increasing to 30 minutes of easy jogging. After two months, increasing to a fast 45 minute run.
    • Diet, reading, transitioning careers, getting into a hobby

Have a warm-up procedure to build micro-momentum throughout your day. 1 Don't expect to be at the top of your game right when you start your day. Your performance will improve as you warm up.

Realize that to be at peak performance in anything, you will need to build up macro-momentum over the course of weeks and months. This is done through consistent practice. As you practice day after day, starting the next day will get a little bit easier and you will get into flow state faster.

If you start missing days, or get out of the activity for a long period of time, you will have to rebuild that macro-momentum again. If you've backslid a lot, accept it and don't try to get yourself back to peak performance immediately. You won't be able to and you'll be frustrated. Instead, accept where you're at right now and pace yourself through a gradual ramp-up process.

  • Example: if you've build up to a 200 lb benchpress at the gym and you stop going for a few weeks, don't expect that you can just start back with 200 lbs. You will need to accept that you've lost performance and build back up to 200. Trying to jumpstart back to where you think you should be (200 lbs) will be very frustrating. You'll probably just quit if you try to do that.


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Coach Leo Gura
Hire me as your coach. Super-charge your life. Email me now!
  • Redesign your life to align with your purpose
  • Mindsets and tools for exceptional success